Conquering the Cravings: How to Stay On Budget While Pregnant

The first trimester of pregnancy can be a very challenging time for many women. Those early months slam many women with extreme fatigue and nausea or morning sickness. It's difficult to stay on your food budget when all you have the energy and motivation to eat are pickles, but I have been trying to stay on track at least a little bit. Here are some of the solutions I have found to stay on budget while pregnant, exhausted, and nauseous. These are just some examples of cravings and aversions Read more [...]

STAPLES Week of April 13: FREE Markers!

Staples offers free markers (great for Easter baskets!), pencils, and paper this week. The ad also features a coupon for 40% off one item. Awesome! Until you read the fine print. It excludes paper, ink and toner, breakroom supplies, "technology," shredders, printers, and furniture. What, exactly, does it include, then? You might be able to use it on the free markers, in which case it may be a $2 moneymaker. I might try using the coupon on a laptop  hub chill mat. I think that counts as an "accessory," Read more [...]

Pregnant and Exhausted? Here are 8 Frugal Foods for your Family

It's hard to be the family chef when you're struggling through the first trimester, have zero desire to eat, and zero energy to cook. We are trying to keep a healthy and frugal lifestyle, but it's been tough. With the hope that I might help anyone else struggling, I compiled my go-to list of frugal, healthy, and easy to prepare foods. It's easy to go for convenience foods when you're exhausted, but those foods -- from pizza delivery, Chinese take-out, or frozen chicken nuggets -- come at a cost. Read more [...]

STAPLES April 6: Pens, paper, soda, and labelmakers on sale

Happy Spring, Staplers! This week looks like a slow week, with no moneymakers. But if you need to stock up on pens, Sharpies, or dry erase markers then this is your week. While you're there, pick up a free ream of paper. I had a business boom at work, with a handful of new clients signing up for representation or advice from my firm. I had been hand-writing the client's name on the new file folders -- until I discovered the labelmaker in our supply closet and my files instantly became legible, Read more [...]

Financially Savvy Saturdays: 32nd Edition

I'm thrilled to host Financially Savvy Saturday this week, a personal finance blog hop created by Femme Frugality. We welcome all things money here. Whether you've written anything from throwing a frugal birthday party to preparing for entry into a new career, you're invited to link-up. If it ties into personal finance, we want to read it! Tweet about it. You can use #finsavsat when tweeting about the party! Feature of the Week As this week's co-host, I got to choose my favorite post from last Read more [...]

April 2014 Update: Growth

Big news here at the Stapler household! Big news and little news. The big news is my belly. The little news is the teeny, tiny, blueberry-sized baby growing in there. But you'd never guess that if you saw the stomach I'm rocking these days. It's taking my word of the year to the next level. I meant to set the 2014 goal of "growth" to mean our finances and our family, but not necessarily my big ole stomach.  Well, I suppose you can't get one without the other. The problem with a second Read more [...]

STAPLES March 30: Tax Prep Software!

Staplers, enjoy this week's 20% off your entire purchase coupon! Of course, the typical exclusions apply -- no tablets, laptops, computers, Apple products, and more exclusions. But if you haven't yet bought your tax preparation software, you could use it to get a great price on TurboTax. Here are my picks for this week's best deals at Staples: FREE -- Hammermill Copy Plus, after coupon and Rebate. $4.99 -- Staples Multipurpose Paper, 5-ream package ($1 per ream), after coupon and Rebate. TurboTax Read more [...]

March 23: Moneymaker with MasterCard!

Happy weekend, Staplers! Feel like making a few bucks? Staples is offering a $20 rebate with the purchase of MasterCard pre-paid gift cards -- $300 worth. I do these deals whenever they come around because I use the MasterCards for grocery shopping. As usual, Staples is also offering paper for a great price, as low as $1 per ream. Don't be tempted by the "buy one, get 2 free" offer on the Hammermill Copy Plus paper -- it works out to $2.66 per ream. Here are my picks for the best deals at Staples Read more [...]

STAPLES March 16: Photo Paper Moneymaker!

Howdy Staplers, Staples has a 15% off coupon this week, making a moneymaker on an item you can easily resell if you're so inclined. You can use this coupon on some great products, including TurboTax and storage boxes, and snag a laminator regularly priced at $99.99 for $14.99. Here are the best Staples deals for the week of March 16: $2.47 Moneymaker -- Staples Photo Supreme 8.5" x 11", after 15% off coupon and Rebate ($13.85 at the register, $16.29 Rebate) Note: You can get two free Read more [...]

STAPLES March 9: Free Software and Free Paper

 Is anyone in the market for K-Cups? Keyboards? Quickbooks? Staples has all of these on sale, and one of them is free. Staples is also offer paper free, after coupon and Rebate. So, no one should run into a paper emergency this week. Check out the circular for a coupon for 10% off all KCups. 20% off all Duracell batteries. Now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time Staples offered free batteries after rewards. We're still using our stockpile of batteries, so I didn't notice Read more [...]