3 Financial Opportunities That Might be Right for You

january 2016 net worth update were getting closer to zeroPeople all over the World make great efforts to save their cash, myself included, we are encouraged from an early age to do so and as such there are many of us with healthy lumps of cash sitting in our savings or bank accounts. What many of us don’t do enough of however is to look for ways in which we can use that cash, use it in ways that can protect it or use it in ways that will allow it to grow.

As the old saying goes, money breeds money and it is those people that have it who can afford to take advantage of financial opportunities that are out there. If you fall into the bracket of somebody who has saved well but hasn’t looked to find financial opportunity, then here are some great places to look to increase your balance.


With more businesses being registered in the US last year than any other on record, it has never been a better time than to support a start-up by way of investment. It would be best to pick a start-up that is heading into an industry which you have previous expertise, this way you will be better placed to decide on whether you should invest or not. Remember that almost all start-ups rely heavily on investment and as such they will try their best to tell you how fantastic their company is going to be. Make your decision with your eyes wide open and a realistic mindset. 

Spread Betting 

Spread betting is essentially gambling on the future of a market based on the forecast that have been given. You can spread bet with companies like ETX Capital on a whole range of different markets from oil futures, currencies and stocks and shares. One of the biggest benefits of spread betting is that as it is considered a form of gambling, your profits are immune to taxation which means you can enjoy far larger margins that through trading stocks. The ‘spread’ is the difference between the buy price and the sell price and you will be betting against the market based on which way you think the price will go. With just a little research and some small investment to start with, spread betting is easy to get involved in and can make you strong profits.

Real Estate 

Real estate is less about people buying homes these days and more about having a financial asset and if you have some money to invest then real estate could be the way for you. Property prices around the World have leveled out a lot since the 2008 financial crisis and there are some great opportunities across the United States to make strong profits on real estate investment. Flipping houses, buying low and selling high, may well be a dream idea but it can be tricky and you are far better looking towards the long term of your investment. Buying property, commercial or residential, and then renting it out to see which way real estate prices go is the far safer and more sensible idea, especially when starting out. If you’re looking to pick up cheap houses and then make 300% returns on your investment, then you are being a little too optimistic.

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