Do Food Stamps Roll Over?

The Federal Food Stamp Program (also called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP) has rolled out cards instead of issuing paper food stamp coupons. SNAP recipients now get what’s known as a EBT (electronic benefit transfer) card that they can use at approved stores. It makes it much easier now as you just use the EBT card much like you would a debit or a credit card. All you do is swipe your card in a card reader, enter your PIN number and away you go.   How to Use Read more [...]

The 5 Easiest Ways to Save on Car Insurance

If you own a car, you really should have car insurance. Yeah, it’s an extra expense, but you’ll be happy you have insurance when you get into an accident. That doesn’t mean you need to spend an excessive amount on it though. To save money on car insurance you need to know what affects your rates. To help you save money relatively quickly, here are 5 different ways to get discounts on car insurance. Get Usage-Based Insurance If you don’t drive a whole lot, see if you can go with Read more [...]

Make a Success in HR

A good HR department is vital to the success of any but the smallest businesses, but it can often be a challenge to really make your mark in the field, and feel you are contributing to the business at large. Today we’ll look at some of the challenges facing people in the world of HR and how to overcome them to really make a success of your chosen path. Challenge: Perception  It’s a sad fact that HR departments have something of an image problem: they are perceived, despite the evidence, Read more [...]

The Future of Student Loans under Donald Trump May Change

It is widely accepted that a good college education is an excellent starting point towards a good career. A graduate’s prospects for a well-paid job appear to be worth the effort to continue to study when some friends have already finished their education and got a job. College comes at a cost with the vast majority needing to take out a student loan to fund those years. Very few have rich parents who can simply pay all the bills. Those that already have student loans are likely to see little change Read more [...]

5 Steps to Sell Your Home Quickly

There are several ways you can sell your home fast whether it’s a slow or peak season. You can also enhance your home’s appearance aside from lowering the price just to make a quick sell. If you find yourself in situation where you would need to sell your home fast, here’s what you can do to speed up the sale without sacrificing too much profit: Enhance your curb appeal. First impressions last so it’s best to consider what a potential buyer might think once they drive up to your property Read more [...]

Can Trump Really Get Rid of Obamacare?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare as it’s known in the media, is the program released to give every American health coverage. The problem is that it comes with several flaws, including the unintended harm caused to small businesses. President Trump has pledged to repeal Obamacare. But can he really get rid of Obamacare? Executive Action on Obamacare An executive order has already put the wheels in motion for the repeal of Obamacare. Throughout Congress, the Republicans control Read more [...]

Is Consultancy Right for You?

Consultancy is increasingly attractive as a career: you advise other people’s businesses as a respected expert, your job is varied and success leads reliably to bigger opportunities. With an appropriate degree you can begin as a graduate or make a decision later in your career to turn the insight you’ve gained in a more conventional job into an entry into the consulting field. It can be exacting job however, with a healthy work-life balance difficult to maintain, and particular skills needed Read more [...]

How To Sell Your Vehicle Quickly

Many of us own a car, and in times of need, it is something valuable that we might sell to get some quick cash, as long as we don’t need it! There is some excellent advice on the Internet on the things that you need to do to sell your car quickly, and for as much money as possible. Before you advertise your vehicle for sale, follow these steps and you could end up getting more for your car that you thought you would.  Clean And In Full-Working Order You will want to make sure that your car is Read more [...]

Buying Your First Home as a Couple

While most couples mark their undying love for one another with an engagement ring, more and more are beginning to enter the housing market for something with bigger asset – a brand new home. Rising rental costs, low-rate mortgages, first home owner grant, new communities and the ability to deduct mortgage interest from income taxes all make being a homeowner a more attractive option for serious couples. If you’re looking for a good first home investment, you’ll be pleased to know that Read more [...]

5 Ways to be Frugal as a Small Business Owner

If you own a small business, you know how important it is to save money. There are so many parts of your business that subtract from the bottom-line, sometimes it is hard to keep track.  Finding ways to be frugal can be a daunting task, but many times there are places where you can find significant savings in places you might never have imagined.  Here are 10 ways to find significant savings for your small business. Go paperless as much as possible Going paperless is not just a wise PR move Read more [...]