Handling the IRS is Stressful: 5 Important Facts About Taxes That You May Not Know

In theory and in fact, the IRS is not your enemy. It has its obligations, as do you. But, it does not seek to press you to the wall. It is a bureaucracy created to fill a need. And, it has grown unwieldy over time. It has 7,000 pages of tax code to monitor and enforce, and the average citizen presents no threat. For many political and budgetary reasons, the IRS has seen its budget cut. And, that hampers its ability to be aggressive. CNN Money points out, “Fewer than 1% of taxpayers are audited Read more [...]

Things You Can Do During Your Free Time

Do you finally have a big chunk of free time on your hands or only have a few minutes to spare? No matter how busy we are going through our daily lives, there will be instances where we need to rest and have time for ourselves. When you have a few days off, the best way you can use it is to relax, have fun, find ways to de-stress yourself or spend time with your family or loved one. If you find yourself only having a few minutes to spare, you can still put it to good use and there are still a few Read more [...]