7 Renewable Energy Investments Worth Considering

Interest in renewable energy continues to grow, and demand for investments in this sector is also on the rise. That is contributing to the upside growth potential for stocks in this category. One way to capture some of this upside potential: Exchange traded funds comprised entirely of alternative energy stocks. The strategy provides a bit of diversification over just buying individual stocks, but be aware that any kind of single-sector fund has more risk than broader focused funds. Alternative Read more [...]

Best Ways to Control Business Costs

Here, I Explain to Best Ways to Control Business Costs and Irrespective of the span of the business and also each industry is attempting its best to slice costs to bring home the bacon in a subsidence struck economy. A business wishing to enhance its money related status and increase some stable balance in the market, controlling cost is compulsory. It will end up in an extremely uncompetitive circumstance with an extensive overhead. Here, some online business like William Hill betting offers Read more [...]

New Food Delivery App Focuses on Pizzerias

As if there weren't already plenty of restaurant delivery apps to choose from, one more has come out focusing just on pizza. Aptly called Slice, this free app for mobile devices is trying to entice new customers with $5 off their first order. However, in order to get that $5 off, you have to spend at least another $10 -- depending on where you live, participating pizzerias require a minimum order of $15, and some also charge delivery fees. Additionally, the promotion only populates in Read more [...]

How To Cut Overhead Expenses on Your Business

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart: Supposedly only one in t0 new businesses survives more than five years. One of the key differences between those that succeed and those that don't is whether they embrace the lean starup ideal -- meaning they keep spending to a minimum. With that in mind, here are five tips on how to rein in your overhead expenses. Right Size Your Promotions Although online advertising is presented as a cheaper alternative to offline promotions, things can work out Read more [...]

13 Good Reasons to Get Rid of Your Car

Apparently, the latest automotive trend is to... get rid of your car. Car ownership is declining, due to the proliferation of alternate transportion options along with the continued popularity of urban living environments over suburban and rural environments. About 20% of millennials don't own cars and even older generations are increasingly going this route, according to research by the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania. If you own a car, it's still a good time Read more [...]

5 Things You Wish Your Parents Taught You About Credit Cards

Cash is dying. Plastic is ruling the world of finance. As we step into the spree-yearning world of shopping, armed with full carts and credit card(s), there are a few things you should know about your credit card that you probably don’t already know. Our parents may have taught us the importance of saving from an early age, but not enough about the impact of a credit card on our finances. In fact, nothing could have prepared us for what to expect. The following are some things you should know Read more [...]

Should Your Child Pay for Her Own Cell Phone?

With most cell phone carriers offering family pricing plans, it's all too easy for parents to pick up the tab for their kids' phones. It certainly makes sense if you can make it contingent upon their following your rules, but enforcing that can be challenging. Shouldn't a Child Pay for Her Own Cell Phone? Communicate that the phone is a privilege and not an entitlement, and you should have an easier time getting a child to follow your rules. If he or she persists in not picking up when you Read more [...]

Do You Have Life Insurance?

Lots of millennials think about life insurance when kids come along, but you shouldn't wait. Your insurance premium will be lowest while you're young, and getting it now will ensure you lock in a great rate. After you turn 35, your age will become a factor and your premiums will go up if you don't already have insurance. Even if you're not considering having kids for a while, make this part of your life plan. You'll be glad you did when those children arrive and you've already got a great life insurance Read more [...]

What Makes a New Mattress Cheaper Than an Old One?

A mattress that passes a decade in age can become a vacuum of opportunity costs, eventually costing you more money than if you'd bought a new one -- even if it's an expensive model, it will still be cheap compared to most types of medical bills. Here are the kinds of health problems you'll have if you don't get a new mattress. Back Pain Old mattresses tend to lose their form or get the coils misshapen due to natural wear and tear.  You either get poked in the back with the misshapen coils Read more [...]

Tell-Tale Signs That Moonlighting Isn’t Working Out for You

A lot of people start moonlighting to make ends meet. But at a certain point, the opposite happens: diminishing returns can mean you need to scale back or get rid of it altogether. Here's how to tell whether you've crossed that line. You're Always Tired It's one thing to stop sleeping in and quite another to get less than seven or eight hours of shut-eye a night because you're working long hours. The latter will eventually interfere with your productivity and, worse than that, your health. Read more [...]