How Hiring a Business Consultant Could Actually Save Your Small Business Money

Business consultants—the term carries both positive and negative meanings for entrepreneurs. Some business owners think that business consultants are nothing more than a waste of money. The “experts” charge a fortune for doing so little. Then there are other companies that do not hold back when it comes to spending money on consultants. Large corporations, for example, have thousands of consultants on retainer. Can your small business actually benefit from a business consultant? If you hire Read more [...]

Things You Can Do During Your Free Time

Do you finally have a big chunk of free time on your hands or only have a few minutes to spare? No matter how busy we are going through our daily lives, there will be instances where we need to rest and have time for ourselves. When you have a few days off, the best way you can use it is to relax, have fun, find ways to de-stress yourself or spend time with your family or loved one. If you find yourself only having a few minutes to spare, you can still put it to good use and there are still a few Read more [...]

Be Thankful: Give to Charity

As the end of the year steadily approaches, it's a good time to consider donating to charity. Make enough of thse contributions and you reach the minimum required to claim a deduction on your tax return. Here are 10 great nonprofits that would appreciate your money or any kind of gift in kind, like toys and food. Books for Africa This organization is dedicated to collecting, sorting, and shipping books to underprivileged areas in Africa. Boys and Girls Club Kids in poverty-stricken communities Read more [...]

3 Ways A Beginner Investor Can Buy Stock

Stocks are slowly coming to the forefront as something beginner investors should get involved with. But how to start on this journey of wealth creation when the market is just filled with indecipherable jargon and confusing strategies? There are a number of ways to get started on this journey and it’s far easier than it seems. Follow tips in this guide for the best ways a beginner investor can buy stocks. Why Using a Brokerage Can Work in a Beginner Investor’s Favor The hardest part about using Read more [...]

Holiday Season Budgeting Tricks

Although the approaching winter holidays are a wonderful time of year for most people, too many people abandon their budgets (and diets!) around this time. You don't have to break the bank -- instead, just follow these holiday season budgeting tricks.Host a Potluck If you typically host a meal for Thanksgiving or one of the winter holidays, ask guests to bring a dish with them. This not only saves you money but also reduces the amount of time you have to spend preparing the meal. It can also Read more [...]

Preparing your business for change and growth: Essential to all start-up business plans

Change is unavoidable. How frequently it happens or needs to happen is dependent on a business’ environment and long-term goals.How a business goes about executing change or responding to it is capable of determining the future success or failure of the business. Businesses that are unable to properly respond or adapt to change are rarely able to make it beyond their first five years of existence. On the other hand, businesses that are capable of adapting to a changing environment are prepared Read more [...]

Can And Should You Invest In Online Gaming Businesses

Many people will be interested in the following question: can and should you invest in online gaming businesses? Obviously, people can invest in these businesses on a technical level. Investors can invest in any business. However, the real question is whether or not it is a good idea to invest in businesses like this, and that is a lot harder to answer.Anyone who contributes some money to a business in the hope of making more money once the business becomes successful is an investor. It's possible Read more [...]

Should You Make Your Own Cat Food?

Carefully weigh the pros and cons before attempting to make your own cat food.There are actually serious health considerations that you might want to prioritize over cost issues. Dry commercial cat food is actually less beneficial than what you can get in a can or make yourself.Cats have a tendency to drink less water than other other types of animals, so the dehydration of kibble makes them susceptible to kidney failure and other digestive problems in their older years. Should You Make Read more [...]

Creative Ways To Supplement Your Income

Families Are Expensive One of the greatest strengths and difficulties of family life is cost. It simply costs more to have a family. But because of that cost, both parents strive to make more. Additionally, younger members usually want to earn their allowance. This has a lot of positive advantages.A family of five adults living together and pulling in $15k a year per individual after taxes is, on average, nailing down $75k a year. That can buy a good-sized mortgage, and lead to property ownership Read more [...]

Lower Your Rent With the Power of Negotiation

While it might seem like rents are sky high and never coming down, real estate experts have been saying that housing markets are beginning to soften. If you moved into your current digs during the peak of the rental market, you're probably paying more than most of the landlord's other tenants and thus might stand a decent chance to lower your rent.While this type of negotiation isn't easy, you can increase your chances of succeeding if you prepare ahead of time.Keeping you as a tenant saves Read more [...]