How To Stick To a Frugality Plan

Frugality becomes its polar opposite if you can't sustain the practice. Get too ambitous about cost cutting and you might have a hard time adhering to it long term. Set your sights on something more realistic -- like the following suggestions. Buy the Best Don't confuse frugality with being cheap. Instead, focus on making smart decisions about your money -- like investing in higher quality items that will last you longer than cheap things you would have to replace every few months. This will save Read more [...]

8 Extreme Frugality Tricks

Extreme frugality might not be the most sustainable thing over the long term unless you can make a lifestyle out of it. It requires a strong set of values surrounding thrift. That said, extreme frugality might be more feasible as a short-term strategy or at least an experiment. With that in mind, here are eight ways to be frugal in the extreme. 1. Never Pay for Entertainment Instead of paying to keep yourself entertained​, take advantage of all the free resources ​around you. Go Read more [...]

Which Stores and Restaurants Are Open January 1?

Not everything is closed on the first day of the year, although fewer stores and restaurants are open January 1 than on Christmas.  There are actually plenty of stores open January 1. In fact, it's simpler to identify the one that isn't open than to rattle off the long list of retailers that intend to keep their after-Christmas sales going on the first day of 2018. Would you believe that it's Costco, of all places? If that didn't surprise you, perhaps you weren't aware that the warehouse chain Read more [...]

Is Anything Open on Christmas Day?

You don't have to stay at home -- yours or your loved one's -- on Christmas. Here's a quick guide to stores and restaurants that are going to be open on the holiday. You probably want to double check that locations nearest you are open by calling ahead.Here's a rundown of which stores and restaurants plan to be open on the holiday -- but you might want to phone ahead to confirm that the locations nearest you are open. Stores That Are Open Christmas Day Although most national retail chains are closed Read more [...]

Steps To Avail The Short Term Loans

People work hard to make their living easy and stress-free. They spend more time at offices to avail overtime and to overcome the financial crises. But there are situations when it’s hard to manage the crisis only with the salary and cash in hand. Here, you can avail the short-term loans to make the situation normal. This option helps you to pay the debts or buy necessary items. The repaying options are quite easy and the interest rate applied is also minimal. Cash Float is the leading firm with Read more [...]

How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit or No Credit

Money is the fundamental need for humans in this age to fulfill basic needs. It has become quite common for people to get loans from banks and other financial corporations. Payday loans are also a type of loans for covering your daily expenses if you are short on money. People get loans for an emergency like medical expenses or pay their repair or electricity bills. Although you can get reliable and cheap loans from banks, due to their lengthy procedures, you will have to wait for many days. Payday Read more [...]

7 Signs Your Coupon Habit Is Out of Control

Television would have us believe that anything can become an addiction. Unfortunately, coupon clipping can get to that point. Make sure your "extreme coupon" hobby remains productive by watching for any of the following signs. You've Outgrown All Your Storage Space Do you seem to be spending more money even though you collect and redeem coupons? Has your stockpile outgrown your ability to store it? A "yes" answer could mean you're buying more than you need. Coupon issuers will never admit Read more [...]

Personal Finance: How to Weather a Recession

Economic recession means an uncertain financial future for every quarter of society, from the average South African to those at the top and those below the poverty line, nobody is unaffected by a shrinking economy and fiscal turbulence in one way or another. With South Africa entering yet another recession in early 2017 (the first since the global financial crash in 2008), it's time for the population to focus on their finances and take appropriate action to safeguard their financial futures. Read more [...]

How Day Traders Save Their Money

Day trading is a way to gain financial independence. When you become a day trader, you make the move towards profitability, you can create your own career without the help of a regular company. Corporate culture can be suffocating for many individuals that are stuck in a boring, gray-tinted cube farm. The rows and rows of square cells, festooned with baby pictures and Dilbert cartoons can seem like a prison to those that are disinclined to conformity. But you can obtain benefits like 401K plans, Read more [...]

Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Do Food Stamps Expire?

Most people find that they go through food stamps too quickly to worry about whether there's a "use them or lose them" rule. But it turns out that this benefit expires at a certain point if unused. While the actual stamps have been replaced by a card better known its acronym, EBT (electronic benefits transfer), you actually don't have to use up the entire balance by the end of the month. According to the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which administers food stamps, unused Read more [...]