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A good HR department is vital to the success of any but the smallest businesses, but it can often be a challenge to really make your mark in the field, and feel you are contributing to the business at large. Today we’ll look at some of the challenges facing people in the world of HR and how to overcome them to really make a success of your chosen path.

Challenge: Perception

 It’s a sad fact that HR departments have something of an image problem: they are perceived, despite the evidence, to be old fashioned, of limited use, and not providing value to the business. This makes other departments reluctant to work with HR teams, and fail to see the possibilities for productive cooperation that exist.

There’s also the concern that this image problem gets more entrenched the further up the hierarchy of the of the company, so whatever cooperation you are able to establish with more flexible teams is undermined by senior management. This can lead to morale problems as the HR team feels they are failing to reach their potential.

Solution: Debunk the Myths

Senior HR staff are uniquely well placed to influence the same senior managers that are promulgating the myths that lead HR Teams to be underrated, and debunk these myths. They can demonstrate that they are effective leaders, taking ownership of initiatives they proactively suggest to management and can justify by showing the value they will bring to the company. Uma Cresswell advises “In the situations where an HR leader demonstrates that they can offer a strategic perspective, CEOs are more inclined to elevate their position”, so remember to look for things the HR department can do that will also serve the wider company’s goals.


It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right expertise into the company. As hiring is one process that HR have an indisputable stake in, it’s one where results reflect well on the team. Consider using a specialist recruiter like Savannah Recruitment, who can help you narrow your search and find high quality candidates to fill the vacancies you are looking at.

With this advice, you should be able to understand more about why HR teams aren’t as valued as they should be, and start to raise the value of the one in your company to the level it should really be at.

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