STAPLES April 19: Ink, Toner, and iTunes on Sale!

Hi Staplers! Sorry for the late notice on this week’s deals. We just said goodbye to some friends who stayed with us this weekend, as they made their way out to the Start Line of a very famous race. Our hearts go out to all the runners and spectators today, wishing them a beautiful day with no surprises; and of course a special “good luck” to our friends who are running. Now to the Staples Deals …

Who is looking for ink and toner deals? Staples is offering a $15 gift card for any $75 or more purchase of ink and a $20 gift card for any $200 or more purchase of toner — after Rebate of course. If you’re not already aware, Staples will price match just about any store (including Amazon), and you will still be eligible for a Rebate on your ink or toner if you make the minimum purchase. If you didn’t catch my post on BrokeGIRLRich the other week, I explained how to get the price price on ink and toner.

If you buy music, movies, or TV on iTunes, be sure to grab gift cards at 20% off — pay just $40 for $50 worth of iTunes gift cards. On a side note, if you do buy often on iTunes, never pay full price! You can always get iTunes gift cards at 5-10% off, either at Staples, Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid. You’ll always be able to find a deal.

My Picks for This Week’s Best Deals at Staples:

  • FREE — STAPLES Multipurpose paper, with coupon after Rebate ($3.99 at the register, $3.99 Rebate).
  • $14 ($0.39/roll) — Bounty Paper Towels, 12 rolls, AND Charmin Basic Toilet Paper, 24 rolls, after Rebate and with $1 coupon from 3/30/14 newspaper circular — must buy both. ($18.98 at the register, $5 Staples Gift Card Rebate)
  • $40 — for $50 of iTunes gift cards. ($40 at the register)
  • 50% off Southworth resume paper coupon.

Happy Stapling!! 

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