STAPLES April 27: Moneymakers, Free Markers, and $40 Keurigs

Staples Staplers: Not only are Crayola Washable Markers free again, but there is a coupon you can use for a small moneymaker on them. But don’t stop there: Mastercard is back with a moneymaker as well. Last but not least, those of you looking for a Keurig should stop looking now, and take a look at this Staples deal. Staples is offering $20 to $50 gift card rebates and has a 25% off coupon — making the Keurig K10 Brewer just $39.99 after coupon and Rebate. (don’t forget, if you find a better price for the model you want, Staples will pricematch. Then use the 25% off coupon!)

Do you have a Sodastream? If you do, and you’re anything like me, you’ve sought out the cheapest way to get the refill canisters. I get mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a $5 off $15 coupon, making the exchange canister $10. I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before, but Staples also has exchange canisters. Add the 25% off Breakroom Item coupon, and they are as low as $11.25. Not as good as Bed Bath and Beyond with a coupon, but it’s still a competitive price.

There are a few coupons in this week’s circular, which you can print out online. They are:

  • 20% off Entire Office Supplies Purchase (use this one for the Markers Moneymaker)
  • 25% off Any Cleaning and Breakroom Item
  • 30% off Avery Labels
  • $3 off Duracell batteries, 16-pack ($13.99 at the register)
  • $10 off $30 purchase of boxes, tape, and Bubble Wrap
  • $20 off $50 purchase of boxes, tape, and Bubble Wrap (If you have $60 worth of these items, do two transactions with the $10 off $30 purchase coupon — it will save you more money)

This Week’s Best Deals at Staples:

Staples Mastercard MoneymakerCrayola Washable Markers Skinny


  • $8 Moneymaker! — $20 Staples Gift card, after Rebate, when you buy $300 worth of Mastercard pre-paid cards. Keep in mind that each pre-paid card comes with a fee, so try to get the cheapest ones possible. The highest amount they have is $200, for a $6.95 activation fee. Then get a $100 pre-paid card, which comes with a $5.95 activation fee. After fees and Rebate, you make about $8!
  • $0.90 Moneymaker! — Crayola Washable Markers, after Office Supply coupon and Rebate.  ($3.59 at the register, $4.49 Rebate)
  • $11.24 — Sodastream carbonator refill, after Breakroom coupon
  • $39.99 — Keurig K10 Brewer, after breakroom coupon and Rebate ($59.99 at the register, $20 Staples Gift Card Rebate)

Happy Stapling!

One thought on “STAPLES April 27: Moneymakers, Free Markers, and $40 Keurigs

  1. The Keurig deal can be sweetened by combining the 25% C&B with the 25% back in rewards.

    The OfficePro is $99.99 in store.
    25% C&B takes $25 off
    25% back in rewards is $18.75
    $25 rebate Gift Card

    Final Price $35.74 (assuming 6% tax)

    The K10 Mini Plus is $79.99 in store.
    25% C&B takes $20 off
    25% back in rewards is $15
    $20 rebate Gift Card

    Final Price $28.59 (assuming 6% tax)

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