STAPLES August 17: Moneymaker on Pens and Discounted Movie Tickets


Staplers, this week you can make $1 if you buy a four-pack of pens, get a discount on a fun gift for a hard-to-shop for teen, and your favorite permanent markers are just $1.

Also, if you’re looking for small storage solutions, check out the clearance in the storage section. I scored small, stackable, and portable bins for $1 each! They are the perfect size for storing Little Stapler’s paints and crayons, play doh, and other items I would like to keep a little out of reach but organized. This way, we can grab the container and even he can carry it to the table.

Staples is still offering:

  • Save $100 – $300 when you trade in your working smartphone for another one
  • $2 off a new binder when you trade in your old one
  • 110% Pricematch guarantee — means you’ll never find a better price.

Staples coupons this week, which you can print out online starting on Sunday:

  • $1 off any one Sharpie writing product
  • $1 off any one Papermate writing product
  • $1 off any one uniball writing product
  • $1 off any one Expo dry erase product
  • $1 off any one Mr. Sketch writing product
  • 20% off Sodastream machines –> combine this with a 110% pricematch at another store and you’ll get 30% off the best price available on Sodastreams!

This Week’s Best Deals at Staples:

Papermate Ballpoint Pens


Papermate ballpoint pens, 4-pack, after coupon and  Rebate ($2 at the register, $3 rebate).

Hammermill paper  Sharpie Twin Tip Markers 4 pack   Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighters

  • $1 — Hammermill Paper, 1 ream,  after coupon and Rebate ($5 at the register, $4 Rebate)
  • $1 — Sharpie twin-tip markers, 4-pack,  after coupon (regularly $8.29)
  • $1 — Sharpie Gel Highlighters, 4-pack,  after coupon (regularly $6.99)
  • $2 — Westcott 7″ scissors (regularly $7.29)
  • $40 — for a $50 JC Penney or AMC gift card (Buy 2 $25 gift cards and give as gifts or stocking stuffers for hard-to-shop-for teenagers!

Sharpie Assorted ColorsStaples School GlueStaples 1 subject notebook

  • $4 — Sharpie permanent markers, 12-pack, after coupon (regularly $10.99)
  • $0.17 — 1-subject notebook
  • $0.39 — School glue
  • $5.99 — Square card reader (regularly $9.99)

Happy Stapling! 

2 thoughts on “STAPLES August 17: Moneymaker on Pens and Discounted Movie Tickets

  1. Hey, did you see that there were manufacturer coupons for the pens/Expo/Sharpie, etc. in the Sunday paper which can be combined with the Staples coupons? YAY!

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