STAPLES February 16: Tablets on Sale!

Staples**UPDATE** FREE paper, $2 for 5-ream package of paper, and 25% off your office supplies purchase — all with this week’s online coupons! The 25% off office supplies should create a moneymaker on the free paper. It only excludes the 10-ream case of paper, not the single-ream or the 5-ream packages. ** Hi Staplers, STAPLES continues it’s tablet sale next week, offering a $25 STAPLES gift card on all tablets after rebate. Although, if you’re in the market for a tablet you should compare this week’s prices to next week’s. For example, next week the Kindle Fire HD 7″ is $126 after Staples Gift Card Rebate. But THIS week, the same Kindle Fire HD 7″ is $99 after Staples Gift Card Rebate. The circular doesn’t say that you can get a $25 gift card with the purchase of a Kindle e-ink ($69), or a Kindle paperwhite ($119), but I think those are tablets, so why not? If you’re interested in those products, I would ask a manager at your store about the $25 gift card bonus.

I just got a new office, so I’m looking for some touches that will make it easier for me to work there, including a new monitor, external keyboard, and an extra laptop charger. Luckily, Staples has a great Samsung monitor on sale. How do I know it’s great? I bought the same one on Black Friday, for the same price, and Mr. Stapler has really enjoyed using it these past few months.

In shredder news, next week Staples is offering a Staples-brand shredder that has many of the same features as the Fellowes shredder on sale this week — but $50 cheaper! The Staples shredder does say that it’s “compact,” so I would go to the store and compare the two models side by side before making your choice. Staples has other shredders on sale, plus a $25 off coupon in the circular, good to use on any shredder regularly priced at $149 or more.

Keurig K10 Brewer

Keurig K10 Brewer

Keurigs are also on sale. They’re not rock bottom prices, though, so if your machine broke and you need a get a new one ASAP, I would wait until Sunday so you can snag these deals. See page 12 of the circular. Plus, you can get a free canister of Folgers coffee with your Keurig purchase. The coupon is in the circular. Even if you don’t drink Folgers, I’m going to guess that you know someone who would appreciate a free canister of coffee — a local community group or food bank, maybe?

Here are the great deals happening at Staples, beginning February 16:

Staples Photo paperMcAfee Internet Security 2014s0778006_sc7

  • FREE — Staples photo supreme 8.5″ x 11″, double-sided matte, 50/pack, after Rebate ($16.29 at the register, $16.29 Rebate) — limit 2
  • FREE — Quicken Starter Edition, after Rebate, with purchase of TurboTax Deluxe and higher ($89.98 at the register for TurboTax and Quicken, $39.99 Rebate).
  • FREE — Staples Multipurpose Paper, 8.5″ x 11″, after coupon and rebate 
  • $2 — Staples Copy Paper, 5-ream package, after coupon and rebate
  • $4.99 — Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014, after Easy Rebate ($24.99 at the register, $20 rebate)
  • $9.99 — McAfee Internet Security 2014, 3 PCs, after mail-in rebate ($64.99 at the register, $55 rebate)
  • $14.99 — McAfee Total Protection 2014, 3 PCs ($74.99 at the register, $60 mail-in rebate).
  • $40 — for $50 worth of iTunes gift cards. Save $10 when you buy $50 or more in iTunes gift cards. Applicable to $25 and $50 iTunes cards only. — limit 1 per customer
  • $119.99 — Samsung 24″ wide-screen LED monitor (regularly $219.99)
  • $29.99 — Staples compact 10-sheet cross-cut shredder, after trading in an old shredder for a $20 credit and submitting a Rebate ($74.99 at the register, with trade-in, $25 Rebate)
  • $29.99 Fellowes Saturn2 95 laminator, after Rebate ($99.99 at the register, $70 Rebate)
  • $59.99 — SodaStream, after $20 Staples gift card Rebate ($79.99 at the register, $20 Staples Gift Card Rebate)


Happy stapling! Does anything here catch your eye? What are essential items should I pick up for my new office? 

6 thoughts on “STAPLES February 16: Tablets on Sale!

    • Having an extra monitor is really awesome — especially if you work on a laptop. There is a wireless keyboard and mouse on sale, but I prefer the ergonomic setups, and the one on sale is flat.

  1. After seeing so many of these deals, I wondered if any of them could be re-sold. Just looking at the first item, it’d be tough. A 2 pack sold on eBay for $12.99 free shipping. Shipping would probably cost too much to make it worth the deal though.

    I’m going to definitely keep an eye out for something that’ll be cheap to ship!

    On a side note, how long do the rebates take to come in?

    • The rebates usually take 6-8 weeks to come in, and something I like about the rebates is that they notify you when you submit it and when a check is coming in the mail. So, it’s not like dropping it into a black void and never hearing anything for 12 weeks, and you’re left wondering what’s going on.

      As for reselling — I’ve done it! The photo paper resells well at garage sales, the pens don’t. Some of the software will sell on ebay, but the McAfee software is a mail-in rebate that requires you to send in the UPC. So, you might not like to resell without the UPC. I got Quickbooks a few months ago and that required you to register the product before getting the rebate. But those kinds of rebate requirements are rare.

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