STAPLES February 9: Tablets on Sale!

StaplesHi Staplers, Is anyone looking for a sale on tablets? This week, most tablets, including iPads, have a $25 Staples Gift Card Rebate available. (The Kindle Paperwhite and e ink tablets aren’t eligible for the $25 Gift Card). A reader wrote in that she is in the market for a shredder, so I have been keeping my eyes peeled on those deals. My pick for the best value this week on a shredder is a cross-cut shredder with a large capacity, for under $80 if you have an old shredder to trade in.

Now that it’s mid-February, I’ve given up hope that Staples will have free boxes. Now that my garage is so organized, I know that I don’t need any more boxes, no matter how nice they are. But still … I hate to see the death of a freebie. With that said, here are the good deals I’ve spotted this week.

Kindle Fire HDFellows Shredder

  • $99 — Kindle Fire HD, 8GB, after Staples Gift Card Rebate ($124 at the register, $25 Staples Gift Card)
  • $174 — Kindle Fire HDX 7″, 16 GB, after Staples Gift Card Rebate ($199 at the register, $25 Staples Gift Card)
  • FREE — Quicken Starter Edition, after Rebate, with purchase of TurboTax Deluxe and higher ($89.98 at the register for TurboTax and Quicken, $39.99 Rebate).
  • $79.99 — Fellows 10-sheet standard cross-cut shredder, after coupon available in the circular and trade-in of an old shredder (regularly $149.99)

Staplers, does anything here strike your fancy this week? 

Images courtesy of Staples.

10 thoughts on “STAPLES February 9: Tablets on Sale!

    • Oh no! That shredder seems like a good deal (although I haven’t seen it in person or used it, so I can’t say whether it’s a great shredder), but if you’re looking to spend the least amount of money out of pocket, there is a Staples shredder that goes on sale for $30 periodically — it’s the cheapest one that they have and it’s not fabulous but it does the job. (That’s the one that we have)

  1. Looks like FAR case paper (limit 2) this week via kiosk!!!

    Combine $27 rebate (Offer # 14-84868) with $25 OFF Staples® 8.5″ x 11″ Multipurpose Paper, case HERE. Stack with some $10/$50s for MM!!!

    • Thanks for pointing this out. I looked into this deal and here’s what I found:
      There is a $27 rebate for purchases of 10-ream cases, if you order online.
      There is a coupon making 10-ream cases $25, if you buy in store.
      Unfortunately, you can’t combine them.

          • Kiosk is usually at the back of the store. Newer kiosk is a giant touchscreen. Just ask a Staples employee. Some stores don’t have them – but they can help you place the order at the register.

            I like using the kiosk (even though you lost cashback). A kiosk order allows you to take advantage of online deals, while also using in store coupons. For example, if there is a $25 only rebate for a $49.99 case of paper, and there’s an in-store coupon for $25 off a case of paper, you can place your kiosk order, making you eligible for the online rebate, and then, when paying at the register, use the in store coupon, taking $25 off the price. Your net will be a free case of paper. Kiosk orders are online orders for rebates.

            Choose to “pay at the register” — 2 pieces of paper will print. One you need to take to the register to pay for the order and the other is the customer copy. You have 48 hours from the time you place the order at the kiosk to pay for the order.

            FYI – Rebate receipts do not print at the register for products ordered from the kiosk. The rebate offer # should be included in the confirmation email you get back from placing a kiosk order. The rebate offer # should also print on the customer copy of the order.

  2. Rewards come out this Thurs. (possibly as early as Tues). Will have $60 ink rewards plus over $60 in 5% rewards. Jan. was awesome month for FAR deals & MM’s, especially with all the binder deals. From the last online binder deal, it was a $70MM (bought all 30). Just 40 shy of reaching Premier.

    Will have 70 binders + 4 5-reams + 2 cases of Multipurpose paper to donate.

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