STAPLES Week of April 13: FREE Markers!

StaplesStaples offers free markers (great for Easter baskets!), pencils, and paper this week. The ad also features a coupon for 40% off one item. Awesome! Until you read the fine print. It excludes paper, ink and toner, breakroom supplies, “technology,” shredders, printers, and furniture. What, exactly, does it include, then? You might be able to use it on the free markers, in which case it may be a $2 moneymaker. I might try using the coupon on a laptop  hub chill mat. I think that counts as an “accessory,” and not technology.

There are also coupons for 20% off one breakroom item and 20% one coffee or coffee supplies item, which are always nice to have.

My Picks for the Best Staples Deals This Week:

Bic Matic Mechanical Pencils Crayola Washable Markers

  • FREE — Crayola Washable Markers, after Rebate ($4.99 at the register, $4.99 Rebate) — great for Easter baskets!
  • FREE — Bic Matic mechanical pencils, 6 pack, after Rebate  ($1.50 at the register, $1.50 Rebate) (if you want to use your 20% off coupon, this is a $0.30 moneymaker)
  • FREE — STAPLES Multipurpose Paper, after Rebate and coupon ($7.99 at the register, $7.99 Rebate)
  • HP Ink Deal: $10 Staples gift card, after Rebate, when you purchase $59 or more of HP ink. That means you find the best price for your HP ink, take the ad in to your local Staples, pricematch that price, and the Rebate form should print if you pay more than $59.

Are you going to stop by Staples to get some free markers? How are you going to use that 40% off coupon? 

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