Forget About Free Turkey: Discounts and Sharing

Once upon a time, there were free turkey giveaways during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. But with inflation doing a number of food prices, just be grateful if you can find a way to obtain a discount or share the costs. Coupons Galore Thanksgiving-themed coupons abound, and one subset of these are discounts on the price per pound of turkey when you purchase a minimum amount of groceries. Last year, circulars for some local Safeway locations offered incremental discounts on turkey depending Read more [...]

Should You Make Your Own Cat Food?

Carefully weigh the pros and cons before attempting to make your own cat food. There are actually serious health considerations that you might want to prioritize over cost issues. Dry commercial cat food is actually less beneficial than what you can get in a can or make yourself. Cats have a tendency to drink less water than other other types of animals, so the dehydration of kibble makes them susceptible to kidney failure and other digestive problems in their older years. Should You Make Read more [...]

New Food Delivery App Focuses on Pizzerias

As if there weren't already plenty of restaurant delivery apps to choose from, one more has come out focusing just on pizza. Aptly called Slice, this free app for mobile devices is trying to entice new customers with $5 off their first order. However, in order to get that $5 off, you have to spend at least another $10 -- depending on where you live, participating pizzerias require a minimum order of $15, and some also charge delivery fees. Additionally, the promotion only populates in Read more [...]