14 Best Vacations for Foodies

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Have you ever had a meal while traveling that was so mouth-watering and memorable that it became the highlight of your trip? If so, then you know how important it is to plan a trip to a foodie-friendly destination. Luckily, there are many amazing places around the world where you can indulge in unique and delicious cuisines. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply looking for a culinary adventure, there’s no better way to get a taste of a culture than through its food. To help you plan your next vacation, we’ve put together a list of must-visit foodie destinations and the dishes you can’t miss out on.

Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok is already a favorite vacation spot for tourists due to its excellent markets that offer shoppers the possibility of getting anything they want. However, Bangkok is also famous for being a perfect location to explore good food with fiery flavor explosions. In typical Bangkok fashion, all tastes and preferences are well represented here, from enjoyable street foods to premium gourmet restaurants featuring exotic dishes.


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When discussing food in India, most people immediately imagine curry-stuffed dishes. While it is true that Indians love their curry, you should be aware that what India offers on the palate scene is far greater than that. Suppose you’re a foodie looking to experience culinary masterpieces that will light your tongue in a blaze of flavors. In that case, India is the perfect vacation spot for you. Interestingly, different regions in India have different specializations, so the experience is never quite the same.

Paris, France

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It’s all too easy to visit France and get carried away by the sights and atmosphere of love all over the city. However, you should know that when it comes to food, few locations do it as well as The City of Light. Paris offers tourists many opportunities to explore new tastes, from French cheese to pastries like crepes. There are even several Michelin-star restaurants. You could join a Paris food tour to ensure a complete dining experience here.

Bologna, Italy

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With a name like La Grassa, which means Fat Lady, it’s already apparent that Bologna is arguably a foodie’s paradise. This vacation spot is the birthplace of many iconic food classics, from the bolognese sauce to tortellini. A visit to Bologna is like walking through the foodie wall of fame.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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If you’re looking for a location that offers excellent fine dining, Copenhagen should be near or at the top of your list. The city plays host to Noma, an establishment that has won the title of the best restaurant in the world for three years straight. Copenhagen also has a pretty fantastic seafood delight scene.

Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town is the perfect location for foodies searching for a vacation location with its central theme of diversity. Cape Town’s cuisine has a lot of influential input from all over the world, including Germany, Asia, and France. The result is an enthralling and exciting dining experience worthy of the name “Rainbow Cuisine.” For a taste of traditional South African cuisine, the GOLD Restaurant is a must. 

San Sebastian, Spain

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San Sebastian is a Basque town by the seaside in Spain that could be termed one of the gems of the culinary world. This location contains several unique local delicacies that will always leave you wanting more and more. When you visit San Sebastian, make sure to try some pintxos. It’s their specialty dish, and it’s truly worth the experience.

Bordeaux, France

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Paris isn’t the only city in France that has established itself as a tourist favorite. However, unlike Paris, Bordeaux’s reputation is primarily based on its fine collection of exquisite wines.  That said, you should know that wine isn’t the only thing this fantastic vacation destination offers. Bordeaux has a vast collection of foods, from restaurants to different street food markets, so you could spend a lot of time here and still not exhaust the possibilities.

New York City, United States of America

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If you ask the New York locals, they’ll tell you the city is the best destination in the world for foodies, and it’s easy to see why they hold such sentiment. New York is arguably the king of options in terms of food. The city has everything from delectable food from street vendors to the best fine dining restaurants. There are even some shocking but heavenly-tasting combinations you’ll find here that you may not get anywhere else.

Tokyo, Japan

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It’s impossible to create a list of the best vacation spots for foodies without including Tokyo in the mix. Note that this is not just about sushi, although there’s no doubt that Japan is the best place to enjoy sushi in the world.  Beyond that, however, Tokyo also offers many different foodie delights. Examples include okonomiyaki and the classic Ramen. What makes Tokyo a true delight is that pretty much every dine-in sake shop specializes in and is a master in a different kind of food offering. Amazing, right?

Cornwall, United Kingdom

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If you’re after something more locally sourced but still excellent in terms of taste, then Cornwall is precisely where you want to be for your next foodie vacation. From the absolutely legendary Cornish pasties, to scones to seafood bursting with freshness and flavor, Cornwall offers something most other locations can’t: local specialization.


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If you find yourself craving Asian food, there’s probably no better location for this than Singapore. Here, you’ll be able to explore different varieties of Asian cuisine, including those from India, Malaysia, and China. However, for a truly memorable experience, try food from the hawker stalls, especially the chili crab.

London, England

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Many people overlook London when the topic of the best foodie tourist destination comes up. However, this is a significant mistake. London may be more famous for other things, but an undeniable fact is that the city has a very strong food culture. Eating in London exposes you to a wide variety of food you didn’t even know you were missing out on. Camden’s food markets are among the best in the entire city, with an ever-changing array of street food traders and restaurants fighting it out for Camden’s best dish.

Naples, Italy

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Italy has developed a massive reputation for being a fantastic tourist location. This is especially true where food is concerned, and it is evidenced by the fact that every region seems to be a specialist in a particular type of dish. For Naples, it’s the world-famous Neopolitan pizza. If you’re a pizza lover and you haven’t tried this amazing dish at least once, then you can’t really say you’ve eaten pizza. It’s that good.

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