15 Things Boomers Frustratingly Got Totally Right

Krystal Smith

For years, boomers have been ridiculed for their beliefs and resistance to change. However, as we age, it’s become clear that they were right on many topics. From appreciating the value of a good work ethic to enjoying the simple pleasures in life, boomers should be acknowledged for their wisdom.

The importance of saving money for retirement

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Boomers have often been criticized for emphasizing the importance of saving money for retirement. However, they were right all along. As life expectancies have increased and the cost of living, healthcare, and retirement have risen significantly, having a solid financial cushion has become crucial. Their discipline in preparing for the future has proven invaluable in ensuring a more comfortable retirement.

Appreciating the value of a good work ethic

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The emphasis on hard work, dedication, and perseverance has been proven to be a valuable life lesson for boomers. In today’s society, instant gratification and shortcuts are readily available, so boomers understand that true accomplishments require effort and willingness to go the extra mile.

Reading physical books and newspapers instead of solely digital versions

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Digital platforms offer convenience and instant access to information; however, physical books and newspapers provide an experience that cannot be replicated by screens. Holding a book, feeling the weight of the pages, and turning them one by one creates a deeper level of engagement for the reader.

Enjoying quality time spent with family and friends in person

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Boomers recognize that technology has made it easier to stay connected virtually. However, there’s no substitute for the depth of in-person connections. In-person connections allow the exchange of subtle nonverbal cues, shared experiences, and long-lasting memories that can’t be replicated through screens or digital platforms.

Learning practical skills

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Boomer’s emphasis on learning skills like cooking, gardening, and basic home repairs may have seemed outdated or unnecessary, but it has proven to be a valuable lesson in self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. In a time where convenience is readily available, having practical life skills can provide a sense of independence for people. Knowing how to cook a healthy meal, gardening, or tackle home repairs can make one feel accomplished.

Appreciating the arts, music, and cultural experiences

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We live in a world where technology, consumerism, and instant gratification, which is why boomers were right about the arts and cultural experiences offering a much-needed respite and deeper connection with humanity. Embracing these pursuits helps nurture empathy, creativity, and personal growth, countering the often numbing effects of our digitally-saturated lives.

The satisfaction that comes from hard work and dedication

While boomers preaching about hard work and dedication might have seemed annoying or out of touch at one point, their insistence has proven true wisdom. Boomers understand that true fulfillment comes from the process itself, not the end result. The discipline, resilience, and grit that come from dedication are invaluable assets in personal and professional atmospheres.

The importance of personal responsibility and accountability

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In a time where external issues are often blamed for personal shortcomings, boomers know that taking ownership of one’s actions, decisions, and consequences is a big part of growth and success. It’s also an important part of personal responsibilities and serves as a reminder of self-determination.

Maintaining traditions and valuing heritage

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Traditions and valuing heritage are important parts of most boomers’ lives, as they’ve always grown up with them. They provide a sense of continuity and stability, offer bonding opportunities, and pass on wisdom across generations. While Gen Z and millennials may want to break these traditions, it’s seen as honoring one’s roots and embracing culture.

Enjoying the simple pleasures in life

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In today’s fast-paced world, with endless distractions and constantly changing technology, boomers know the value of slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures. Whether it’s taking a walk through nature, talking to a loved one, or taking up a hobby, these seemingly mundane experiences add a sense of gratitude to life.

The benefits of delayed gratification and patience

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These days, quick fixes and immediate rewards are prioritized. However, delayed gratification and patience are something boomers had to grow up with. Patience promotes financial responsibility and discipline, self-control, and resilience to challenges. It allows for thoughtful decision-making and a deeper appreciation for the journey rather than just the outcome.

The importance of unplugging from technology and taking digital breaks

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Many Gen Z and millennials are glued to their devices, which boomers can’t wrap their heads around as they weren’t brought up that way. They understand that constant digital consumption can affect our mental health and ability to be present. Taking regular breaks from social media has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Appreciating the tactile feeling of physical media like vinyl records, printed photos, etc

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Physical media like vinyl records and printed photos are experiences that can’t be replicated by pixels on a screen. Boomers know more than anyone the value of being present, mindful, and creating cherished memories, which physical media can do.

Learning practical skills like changing a tire, sewing, or doing basic home repairs

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In today’s world, everyone loves convenience, but possessing practical life skills offers a sense of independence and empowerment. Knowing how to change a flat tire, mend a torn piece of clothing, or fix a leaky faucet can save money and provide a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, these skills serve as a means for stress relief, creative expression, and connection to our roots.

Buying quality, longer-lasting products instead of cheap, disposable items

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Boomers’ insistence on buying quality, long-lasting products instead of cheap, disposable items is wise and environmentally conscious. It’s a reminder to prioritize longevity over short-term savings resulting from an appreciation for craftsmanship and minimizing waste. Quality over quantity has shown a renewed appreciation for durability and a shift towards more conscious consumption practices.

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