Affordable American Beach Towns Where You Can Live on a Budget

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Many dream of living near the beach due to the beauty of the amazing coastal views and the water. But does living in a beach town mean luxury and a high cost of living? That might be the case for some beach towns, but many places on the coast in the United States are affordable.

Port Arthur, Texas

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Port Arthur is not one that probably springs to mind when you think of living on the beach, but maybe it should. You have many affordable options with plenty of houses, condos, and townships on the rental and buying market. It also has a low cost of living compared to many other beach towns. Port Arthur is situated between Lake Sabine and the Gulf of Mexico. There are many things to do in Port Arthur that will keep you and your family entertained for days, from fishing to bird watching and everything in between. With the city’s restaurants offering seafood, these enticements make Port Arthur a viable and affordable option for those looking to live on the beach.

Sebastian, Florida

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Tucked alongside the east coast of Florida, Sebastian has a style of life and locale you have always dreamed about. Uncrowded beaches, sparkling blue water, and a friendly atmosphere where you will feel comfortable upon your first visit and know you are home upon your arrival.

Biloxi, Mississippi

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Known for its beautiful coastline along the Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi offers a low cost of living and affordable housing options near the water. The town also has several casinos, top-notch restaurants, and countless cultural activities.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

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Bay St. Louis is located near the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. It is known for its magnificent beaches and historic district. The area is relatively inexpensive and offers beach living. Bay St. Louis was rated one of the top 10 small towns for retirees. The town’s arts community and the quaint downtown area with waterfront activities are some of the reasons.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

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Ocean Springs is another cheap beach town on the Mississippi Gulf Shoreline, with a mixture of traditional homes, properties along the shore, and modern developments. With a lively arts scene, specialty shops, and varied options for dining, Ocean Springs enables its residents to experience coastal living in an active and affordable way.

Fernandina Beach, Florida

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Amelia Island’s Fernandina Beach is ideal if you are trying to live in a beautiful area on a small budget. You will find amazing things in the adorable downtown district, which has many affordable housing options and many local shops with exciting people. While you can also find long strands of beautiful sandy beaches and an endless amount of outdoor activities to participate in, you can live a much more relaxed lifestyle while paying only a fraction of what people in other more tourist-heavy destinations pay.

Port Isabel, Texas

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Port Isabel, Texas, is a beautiful region on Laguna Madre Bay; therefore, the pricing and views are reasonable! In addition to that, the neighborhood itself, Porto Isles, is located within a true fisherman’s paradise. As such, with the home’s reasonable landside pricing, people cannot pass up a chance to live in paradise along the coast. It’s so close to South Padre Island that many residents draw from year-round vacation throughout the year. Being one of the more affordable beach town experiences on the Texas Gulf Coast, Port Isabel is an excellent choice for the person looking for a slight town feel within paradise and, of course, to see those fabulous fish fries the entire area is known for!

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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Fort Walton Beach offers a relaxed coastal lifestyle and affordable housing options on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Beaches are white with sugar sand, and the waters have low turbidity, making for ideal snorkeling conditions. There are many more activities for the outdoor enthusiast, making Fort Walton Beach a perfect destination for people looking to escape the urban rat race. The cost of living is moderate in comparison to other coastal cities.

Panama City, Florida

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If you like the beach life, Panama City, located along the Gulf of Mexico, might be the place for you. It offers many attractions that are family-oriented. The waterfront has parks, trees, and good schools and is relatively affordable. The downtown area is a happening place. It has clubs, live bands, and great restaurants.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is the perfect place to live. Who doesn’t want to live somewhere where the beach is just a few minutes away? The area near the beach is quiet and is the perfect place to live. The raceway and airport are not anywhere near where you would live.

Rockport, Texas

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Situated on the Texas Gulf Coast, Rockport, Texas, offers waterfront living and a serene coastal environment at prices lower than many famous cities. Rockport includes a historic downtown area, abundant natural areas with art studios and galleries, and golfing opportunities. The fishing community of Rockport is a huge draw for residents and visitors. Kayaking, birding, and other outdoor activities are also possibilities.

Gulfport, Mississippi

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Gulfport is an affordable oceanfront city located along the coast of Mississippi. The town has a welcoming community that can provide all of the needs for everyday living. The city of Gulfport offers the convenience of being within driving distance of an affordable resort town that can provide residents with an easy and laid-back style of living. There is an easy, affordable route to living by the beach for people stuck in the United States’s landlocked regions.

Port Aransas, Texas

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Port Aransas is located on Mustang Island along the Gulf Coast of Texas. This coastal community offers an affordable beach lifestyle with a relaxed island vibe. This fishing village is home to miles of wide, sandy beaches that everyone loves visiting during the summer. Residents of this coastal paradise enjoy shopping at many eclectic shops, dining at some of the local restaurants, and fishing in the local bodies of water. You will find many local residences, retirees, and some vacation homes in this close-knit community. The affordability of this gem is why many residents are calling it home. Port Aransas is for all individuals looking to live near the beach on a budget.

Pensacola, Florida

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Pensacola is cheap, beach town living. The furthest west of the Florida Panhandle cities, it is known for its pristine, white beaches and rich maritime history. The low cost of living and the charming, laid-back atmosphere is perfect for cheap, beach-town living. The beautiful beaches, historic downtown, military presence, vibrant arts scene, and overall cheap living give its residents a full range of things to do. It’s more affordable than most beach towns.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Welcome to New Smyrna Beach, the “Best Beach in Florida.” New Smyrna Beach is one of the most reasonably priced beach towns in Florida and central Florida. New Smyrna Beach. Just two words are needed to describe this beach town: Blue skies and warm waters. 

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