Careers Where Women Earn Significantly More Than Men


The landscape in which women work and play has rapidly changed in the past couple of years. The way gender dynamics have been, women have challenged that original stereotype. Looking back one generation ago, only 20.3% of women had an occupation in business. Women dominate and out-earn men in 18 significant professions in the United States.


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Women pharmacists can demonstrate that they can do their things right and get paid more than men in their jobs. They make 92 cents compared to every man’s dollar in a pharmacy.

Speech-Language Pathologists

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Women speech-language pathologists have seen employment rates increase sharply in the healthcare sector. Women make 6% to 8% more annually than men in similar professions. Along with the improvement of patient’s ability to communicate and function through the use of hearing aids and speechreading, the use of speech-language pathology has helped many women increase their bottom line as well.


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Women psychologists in mental health services are more common–an average of about 200 per county. These psychologists and clinical psychologists earn 95 cents for every dollar male psychologists earn. Some factors leading to their success in this occupation include research contributions, an inclusive and empathetic approach, and leadership roles.

Education Administrators

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The average salary for women in the education administration department, which includes positions such as principals, superintendents, and teacher leaders, went up significantly in 2016 to 97 cents for every dollar earned by men. Progressives like to feature female administrators in their battle against the “patriarchy,” but it turns out those pesky females are a big reason why the wage gap shrinks when you control for occupation. Women might be highly represented as school principals and superintendents, both of which pay a lot.

Human Resources Managers

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The human resources field has undergone a fantastic transition in the 21st century as female human resources managers earn a higher management style grade with median weekly salaries pulling in over $500 per week. Female human resources managers did this with help from learning how to manage the human skills of their personnel. They took charge of any situations that went wrong with employees and developed a strategic business plan.

Computer Systems Managers

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In the tech industry, computer and information systems managers earn a median weekly income of $2,245, even with 93 cents on each dollar made by a male with the same job. It is not always a woman’s job; the tech and management part makes computer and information systems managers 93% of the tech industry.

Biomedical Engineers

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Women in biomedical engineering have made significant progress, earning about 96 cents to the dollar earned by men. Their groundbreaking contributions to the healthcare technology industry have enhanced the field and been incredibly lucrative.

Financial Analysts

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Women working as financial analysts have gained recognition as critical thinkers, earning them wages of around 95 cents to the dollar compared to their male counterparts. Their finesse at unraveling the world of finances and putting forward strategic advice pays well.

Healthcare Managers

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Women in health care management, including in medical and health services manager jobs, make about 94 cents for every dollar a man makes. Their expertise in managing and coordinating health care, medical, and nursing services has resulted in good earnings, reflecting their great typists in the field.

Radiation Therapists

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Within the medical field, radiation therapists earn 95 cents to the dollar compared to men. Radiation therapists are relevant in assisting cancer patients with radiation treatments, so these women are well compensated and are, therefore, highly sought after.

Occupational Therapists

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While occupational therapy is, indeed, a profession primarily pursued by women, their earnings contributing factors to their higher salaries having to do with often OTs being paid more for the same and similar work than their male counterparts, receiving about 93 cents on the dollar compared to a male OT, its compassionate philosophy and the greater emphasis it puts on enhancing every day functions like eating, dressing, and bathing make it an area in incredibly high demand.

Dental Hygienists

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Many people see the dental industry as a female-dominated field. However, dental hygienists, a profession seen as primarily female, tend to make around 94 cents on average for every dollar a male earns. Dental hygienists are very important in the dental field as they are the ones who take care of preventive dental care as well as educate the patients.

Fashion Designers

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Women fashion designers have enjoyed economic and monetary benefits with their innovative design expertise. They earn approximately twenty-three cents more than the average man, earning women about 91 cents per every dollar a man makes. Women are currently claiming their titles as some of the most influential people in America, and getting equal or higher salaries is one of the many perks.

Social Workers

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Social workers are mostly women, and applauding the endless work for humanity, these workers work in exchange for lesser wages than men, which exemplifies female advocacy. The social worker is being compensated for their contributions to society.

Labor Relations Specialists

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Female labor relations specialists earn 94 cents to a man’s dollar in the field. These women are highly sought-after and highly compensated for their ability to create balanced workplace cultures and policies.

PR Managers

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Female managers in public relations earn about 96 cents for every dollar a man earns. Just as women dominate the profession, they use their strategic communication skills to build and shape their clients’ public image, and their high-level skills translate into salaries that are higher than the 83-cent median.

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