10 Clothing Items That Make A Man More Attractive

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Men like to look suitable for their women, and here are the 10 fashion must-haves that catapult Men’s attractiveness in women’s eyes for those who need advice.

Great Shoes

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Some say you can tell a man’s quality by the shoes he wears. If you look down at a man’s shoes, which are dirty and tatty, it does not bode well for the rest of his attire. A man who can invest in a good pair of shoes and keep them clean is sure to put effort into how he looks after himself and the women he dates. While the best footwear is welcome, women love dress shoes, heeled boots, and trendy sneakers.

 A Well-Fitted Suit

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A man in a suit is something to behold, but only if it is well-fitted. Nothing is more annoying than a man spending a lot of money on a suit that hangs off his shoulders and looks like he could fit another person in there. Men who wear suits for work may not fancy dressing up during their downtime, but when a man wears a suit well, he is likely to attract many women!

 A Good Shirt Collar

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A well-fitted suit pairs perfectly with a smart shirt with a collar. Collared shorts don’t have to be stuffy and business-like, they can be sexy. Adding a collar to a shirt can make a small neck look broader and more muscular, which is why it may help men look more attractive. The structure of the collar also frames the face and draws attention to the eyes, one of the women’s favorite features in men. All of this, plus the fact that women will look forward to getting a handsome man out of his shirt!


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Many people wear sunglasses as a standard accessory. They can conceal puffy eyes and dark circles, but they are more often worn to add an air of mystery. Selecting a frame that complements your face shape and enhances your features is crucial. If you choose the wrong pair of sunglasses, you might look unattractive.

Stylish Watches

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Accessories go a long way when it comes to attracting women. A man who can accessorize gets a lot of bonus points from women who like attention to detail. A classic watch, particularly if it is vintage or heirloom, is particularly attractive as it shows that a man has put real thought into what he is wearing. If you are a man who is not lucky to have a watch passed down through generations, you can look at your local vintage jewelry stores for inspiration.

Figure Hugging Jeans

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A pair of well-fitting jeans can elevate even the most generic of men when it comes to attracting women. Jeans have to be the perfect fit, not too tight, and not too baggy (this is not the 90s) so that the thighs and butt are showcased to their best ability. Whether it is skinny, slim, regular, relaxed, or loose, make sure you choose the best jeans for your body shape, and the women will come following.

White Tees

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A plain white tee is a perfect shirt with a good-fitting pair of jeans. Some women like men to be creative and develop their style, but there is nothing better when they slip into a classic white t-shirt that shows off their arms and physique. If tees are not your thing, women say that men look just as great in a white shirt, with or without a collar.

Rolled Sleeves

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Rolled-up sleeves are one of the most common fashion styles that women like in men. While there is no sole explanation for why women find rolled-up sleeves so hot, it may be because rolling up the sleeves reveals the forearm, which can look super-attractive, especially if the man has a tanned arm.


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Mankles should not be confused with cankles. The term mankle refers to a man’s ankles, which become visible when they wear trousers that reach up to their ankles. Men should be careful when wearing ankle-grazing pants, since if they wear chinos that are too short, it might appear as if they have shopped in the children’s department.

Good Grooming

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A man can wear the most expensive, sexy clothing but if he does not look after his grooming it will all go to waste. A good haircut and a well-trimmed beard is essential if men want to keep women on side.


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