10 Tips To Ease Back Pain During Long Travels

Krystal Smith


Nothing is more uncomfortable than a long-haul flight. For many travelers, back pain is something we’ve learned to deal with over the years. However, there are many ways to soothe the pain when you’re 30,000 feet in the air. Experienced travelers met in a recent online discussion to discuss their favorite tips to ease back pain during long travels.

Hit the Gym Before Your Flight

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I’ve found that going to the gym before my flight (assuming my flight departs at a reasonable time) stretches and warms my body to prepare for the upcoming physical stress. It also helps me be more alert and awake, which is always a plus. If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t worry. Even a few walks around the block before you leave will have your body thanking you.

Use an Inflatable Seat Cushion

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One of the most popular options to combat back pain while trapped in a flying tube of steel and jet fuel is inflatable seat cushions. One person can’t help but sing their praises. “I use one of those travel cushions; it does make you feel higher in the seat, but in conjunction with a cervical travel pillow, I can do the flights easily.” Another person says, “Before I used them, traveling without them was a living hell. They were the best investment I ever made.” These cushions work at college football games, so why wouldn’t they be effective on a plane?

Stretch in the Airport

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There’s no shame in vigorous stretching, no matter where you are. Many people say stretching their lower backs via various exercises before they board the plane makes their flight infinitely more manageable. Back pain can seriously ruin your day, so don’t be afraid to bend over and touch your toes in front of everyone else waiting for their flights at the airport if you want to do something good for your body.

Walk Around the Plane Often

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Sometimes, the most obvious tips are the best tips. While in the air, walking up and down the plane aisle as much as possible is advisable. Even just a minute or two every hour can considerably lessen back pain, making your flight a more relaxed experience. Just watch out for the drink cart.

Bring a Portable Heating Pad

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Technology has brought us countless fantastic inventions, and for anyone suffering from back pain, a portable heating pad is a godsend while traveling. These small, battery-powered pads are perfect for placing on your lower back while flying. Trust me, you’ll be so comfortable, and you’ll be the envy of everyone else on your flight.

Start Doing Yoga

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One of these days, I’m finally going to start doing yoga because, by all accounts, it’s a life-changer. Unsurprisingly, people rave about its benefits while sitting in uncomfortable plane seats for hours. “Start doing yoga, seriously,” advises one frequent traveler. “It makes a difference in your overall flexibility and can help open tighter body parts.”

Choose an Aisle Seat

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Many fliers who combat back pain find themselves in a terrible position if they don’t pay extra to choose an aisle seat. The aisle seat is sacred ground for a good reason: It offers the most room to stretch out by far, as you can stretch your legs and arms out as much as you want without hassling your neighbors. While I’m a window seat flier, I can see the merits of sitting in an aisle seat.

Buy a Business Class Ticket

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Purchasing a business-class ticket is the best path to pain-free flying when money is no object. Have you ever flown in a lie-flat airplane seat before? It’s life-changing, I assure you. Although prohibitively expensive, flying business class virtually guarantees an enjoyable flight unencumbered by bothersome back pain.

Consider Bun Pads

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One of the unsung heroes of pain relief is the excellent bun pad. Yes, you read that correctly: The bun pad. Not hamburger buns, but cushioned underwear. “This sounds silly, but it might be worth looking to see if you can find underwear with [bun] pads for some extra cushion without having to bring a full separate seat cushion,” one man explains. Listen, I never thought I’d be writing the words “bun pads” in 2024, but here we are. Nevertheless, it’s an ingenious and practical way to ease back pains during lengthy flights!

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