18 Fulfilling Jobs Often Undervalued Due to Lower Pay

Krystal Smith

Many people aspire to have a job that they enjoy. In fact, many people can find jobs that involve doing things they love, such as working with animals, nature, or children. However, it is essential to note that not all jobs people enjoy pay well. Some jobs are considered desirable or exciting, yet people cannot rely on these jobs to pay their bills. In this article, we’re going to discuss 18 such jobs that fall under this category.


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Being an artist is fun and all. You can do it whenever you want if you’re not doing something else, and you can explore your passion. However, artists are generally broke. The economy of art is random. You could make five thousand or one hundred on one piece. This lack of consistency allows art to support living only for a few.


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It can be very fulfilling to perform music and move audiences with beautiful sounds. Still, often, most musicians have a lot of trouble being able to afford to live because they need to pay more for how much of their time and souls they put into that. Many musicians have to rely on an outside job to have a chance even to live.


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As writers, we love sharing our ideas, storytelling, and personal experiences with the world. Writing is the art of spreading all kinds of messages and sharing them. The harsh reality is that many writers can’t make a living income just by writing alone; it is nearly impossible. The field is full of such a large number of aspiring writers, and the free online content is just leading the freelance rates to much lower and lower rates.


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The job of an actor is to be a different person. They get paid to do what they love, too. Still, only some are successful. The downside of being an actor is the money they make and the bunches of people looking for jobs. Most actors still need part-time jobs elsewhere to make a living, even if they have been on the screen for a long time. Actors are constantly on the move to find jobs wherever they can, which makes it hard to be around loved ones. 


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Many photographers want to tell stories, take pictures of moments, and be creative. But digital photography has made everyone a photographer, and the price for images keeps decreasing. Websites are taking photos of the internet, diving them up in stock photos, and selling them to people for a very low price.

Graphic Designer

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Making computerized illustrations and representing ideas through graphics can be fun and demanding, all at the same thing. However, many graphic designers have to face making themselves unique, having low-class clientele, having an oversaturated marketplace, and having a difficult time making money all the time.

Freelance Journalist

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It is clear that reporting on current events and also uncovering stories of public interest are key ingredients of journalism. Nonetheless, as traditional media outlets continue to decline in readership, and digital media outlets often do not pay anything but “fortune” and “exposure,” it becomes more challenging to make a sustainable income as a freelance journalist.

Event Planning

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Event planning is an excellent job because of the experience, and it pays well, but the part that isn’t great is the time and stress you have to put forth to make an event the best possible.

Travel Blogging

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Most people with a severe case of wanderlust have an innate yearning for travel that needs to be satisfied, but not enough people truly understand the work it takes to maintain a life of travel. Sure, the notion of travel blogging is appealing. Even though it sounds fascinating, the travel blogging world is a highly overcrowded market with few people able to land big-time sponsorships or advertising deals from which they can make a living.

Fitness Instructor

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Helping others reach their fitness goals and improve their health and well-being might benefit humanity. However, our client’s schedules are so unpredictable and unreliable that we may have to work several other side jobs to make ends meet. Fitness instructors often train in excellent facilities only to have to pay high rent or sign percentage agreements just to work in them. Training in the parks sounds fantastic, but you will scrap your knee to make enough for your bills.

Park Ranger

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Because most park entrances are in remote or rural areas, many park rangers earn modest salaries. So, protecting natural resources and instructing the public about conservation is a career goal for many.

Social Media Influencer

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Social media has changed how our society accesses information and, in turn, consumer spending behavior. The beauty of social media platforms is that they’re not just for shopping. Social media influencers spend hours shopping for you and displaying items from hundreds of different brands and niches to sell directly to you via a swipe-up on their Instagram story. Many aspiring influencers are quitting their 9-5’s to hop into the social media game. This route is sought after because of the potentially high-income stream. However, it can become inconsistent.

Museum Curator

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Curating exhibitions or saving objects essential to our own and others’ culture is what you do in a museum. Museum studies are known to be a very competitive field. Many people would love to be a curator, but the amount of money for this job could be more manageable. Also, most museums are located in expensive cities and it would take a lot of work to support yourself.

Animal Trainer

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Animal trainers should be mainly a labor of love. Some do not make more than minimum wage because animal training jobs can be scarce. They have a significant amount of candidates applying for the same job. Open-field trainers at Seaworld earn about $15 an hour.

Tour Guide

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The primary role of a tour guide is to share knowledge and provide an excellent experience for the visitor. The average wage in this industry is very low as most work is part-time or seasonal.

Food Critic 

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What could be more fun than sampling the culinary finds of your neighborhood (not to mention out of town) and writing them quickly to millions of people itching to know what makes a good meal? The unfortunate news is this: the salary may be small. Newspapers rarely accept outside submissions due to budget restrictions, and the ad-buying paradigm suggests the possibility of high-profile ventures in this area.

Festival Coordinator

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The task of a festival coordinator is a lot of work. It can be somewhat unworthy at times; the risk to financial security because of challenges related to generating enough revenue to produce a quality event, large upfront costs for such things as rentals and permits, etc., is very high.

Non-Profit Roles

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Recognizing the ability to work for a cause they believe in and positively impact the community is one aspect of why many individuals choose to work for a non-profit. However, in the non-profit industry, one tends to earn lower compensation than the for-profit sector and may need help to make a living and obtain that next promotion.

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