The Forgotten Generation: 10 Gen X Trends Left in the Past

Krystal Smith

Certain trends from the Gen X generation have become obsolete over time. These ten trends have lost their relevance in today’s world, and it is time for them to exit the cultural stage gracefully. This will make room for newer and more pertinent expressions of societal values and interests.

Challenging Work Environments

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Gen X individuals often come from a generation where having a job was valued above all else, leading them to accept less-than-ideal work conditions without complaint. Younger generations, however, prioritize a positive work environment and fair compensation. While Gen X may view this as over-privilege, it is reasonable to expect appropriate pay and a supportive workplace.

Excessive Social Media Sharing

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Dear Gen X Facebook users, while staying connected is great, sharing every intimate detail of your life might be optional. Providing a play-by-play of your street’s activities and complaining about trivial matters may be less appealing to others. Oversharing on social media is more prevalent among Gen X, who often showcase their family, friends, and jobs. Remembering that validation shouldn’t solely depend on the number of likes received is essential.

Criticizing Social Media

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Another trend that needs addressing is the tendency of some Gen X individuals to be hypocritical about social media. They may claim that “everyone is on their phones too much these days” while ironically posting the same sentiment on their Facebook accounts. The truth is that people from every generation are hooked on social media. Gen X should reflect on their own habits before pointing fingers at others.

Disrespect towards Staff

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Rude behavior toward service staff transcends generations, but it’s unfortunate that Gen X is still known for it. A priority should be recognizing the challenges service industry workers face and treating everyone with respect. Younger generations often display a better appreciation for the difficulties faced by service professionals and understand that they deserve courtesy.

Reluctance to Trust Technology

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Gen X generally has a good understanding of technology but often approaches it with a certain level of skepticism. A notable example is their preference for their sense of direction and over-reliance on tools like Google Maps for navigation. It’s important to acknowledge that technology can continually improve and that embracing new advancements can enhance our lives.

Minimizing Mental Health Issues

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While the conversation around mental health has progressed positively in recent years, there is still work to be done. Gen X, like the previous Boomer generation, tends to downplay mental health issues by suggesting that simply putting on a smile can resolve them. It’s crucial to recognize that mental health challenges are complex and require more than just surface-level solutions.

Failure to Appreciate Their Advantages

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Boomers are often associated with having had an easier life due to factors like generous pensions and affordable housing markets. Unfortunately, Gen X sometimes falls into the trap of complaining about their struggles while failing to acknowledge the privileges they enjoyed compared to subsequent generations. It’s important to cultivate gratitude and recognize one’s advantages in life.

Perceiving Attitude in Today’s Youth

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The notion that “children have no respect these days” is a common refrain throughout history, perpetuated by every generation. Gen X is no exception to this pattern. However, it is essential to recognize that today’s youth face unique challenges and are capable of being respectful and kind, just like previous generations.

Overemphasis on Mobile Games

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We all know someone from Gen X who has spent excessive time on mobile games like Candy Crush. While older Gen X individuals grew up before the gaming revolution of the mid-90s, there is a vast world of incredible console games they might be missing out on. 

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