5 Awesome Hacks that can Actually Save You Money when Shopping Online

Have you ever found out that a great deal, a clearance item that someone returned in its original condition or something that you always wanted was on sale over the holidays? Stumbling upon such a deal was certainly a memorable experience that you bragged about to friends and family. Saving a bundle of cash will have most certainly elicit such a reaction.

With so many options out there, finding a great deal is not so easy. In fact, it can be overwhelming. To help you find such deals again, you should have a look at this list of hacks that will save you even more money while shopping online – purchasing doesn’t have to feel like you are borrowing against your whole life policy!

Have Your Measurements Ready

The biggest drawback of shopping for clothes online compared to in-person shopping is that you cannot try on that pair of pants before purchasing it. Each clothing brand sizes its clothes differently, making it harder to know if it is right for you simply by looking at a picture. This is how people end up with that depressing corner in their closet full of ill-fitting clothes – which they never really went about to returning.

To get around this conundrum, consider having a professional take your measurements. This will only take a few moments, and the tailor might not even charge you. What’s more, most clothing stores will help you take your measurements at no charge.

Use Coupons and Promo Codes

Manufacturers will often sweeten a deal to entice shoppers into buying their products. Many times, however, you need to have a special code or coupon to land that deal. In the past, it took hours of scouring the net to find these coupons, but today there are numerous online tools that are specifically designed to hunt for these online specials.

Leave Items in the Shopping Cart

One sneaky trick is to leave a certain item in the digital shopping cart without completing the transaction. In most cases, this will goad the retailer into sending you reminders that your item is waiting. Eventually, the retailer will add a deal sweetener if you take your time and apply the mantra, “Patience is a virtue,” into your online shopping experience!

Make Use of Google Alerts

Instead of spending all your free time hunting down sales online, let Google do the hard work for you. If you are looking for something specific, just set up a Google Alert and combine the item’s name with the word “sale.” For example, iPhone 8 sale, and as long as the Google Alert is active, Google will score the Internet regularly and send you an email when something pops up about the launch sale of the upcoming iPhone 8!

Have a Dummy Email for Spam Mails

Retailers have a tendency of sending out myriad of emails with special deals for their loyal shoppers and social media followers, set up a separate email account to handle such messages. Once you have the account in place, you can log in to check whenever you are hunting for discounts only, instead of overloading your main email account. If following them on social media, remember that you can always unlike the retailers’ pages once you get a deal you like.

More Hacks

Always clear your browsing history. Some retailers will increase product prices based on your browsing demands and patterns. Another pro tip is deals and prices are likely to fluctuate based on the day of the week it is, so keep on monitoring for the days when prices are at their lowest – this mostly happens if you are purchasing a flight. Finally yet importantly, do some research, never settle on the first price you are offered!

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