Ask For A Promotion

Ask For A Promotion

I did something scary today, and it’s something that you probably should do too. When you work hard, you want to be recognized. Not only do you want recognition from your team and higher-ups, but you also want more responsibilities and a higher paycheck. Asking for those things can be scary, but I conquered that fear today, and in the future, you can too. Follow along for more information on how to ask for a promotion in the workplace

What I Did

A position at my job that has been vacated twice in the last year. I decided today I was going to step out on faith and ask for what I wanted. It was scary and uncomfortable, but I realized if I don’t take this opportunity, I can’t get mad if I don’t move up the ranks at my current company. So I grew some strength, gathered my words, and even consulted with a close family friend about how I should as for what I wanted. She gave me some strong talking points, and I did the rest. Not only did I advocate for myself, but I advocated for three other people at my job. Doing so means we can all share in the new responsibilities, roles, and money that comes with it. By doing so, I got a positive response that sparked a later conversation about new roles and responsibilities.

How To Overcome Fear

Fear is something that we all have, and it can be hard to overcome but not impossible. I was scared before I sent that message, and while I was waiting on a response. I did not get over my fear. Honestly, it’s not about getting over the fear. It’s about doing what you have to to make sure you move ahead in your career and success. You have to shake off the nerves for a few minutes and craft an email or correspondence that is strong, personable, and relays why you are qualified. If you are a great employee, have a track record to prove it, including documentation or reviews, and have the skills, qualifications, creativity, and desire to get this new job done, then you have to believe in yourself and go for it. The only person holding you back from moving ahead sometimes is you. Get out of your way!

How To Make Yourself A Top Candidate

To make herself a shoo-in, you have to be a stellar employee. Not the best, but you need to be making strides and positive contributions to the workplace. That’s going to be evident in your quarterly or yearly personnel reviews and new programs or accomplishments you have made in your role. You also need to ensure you have the right qualifications, skill set, and willingness to learn new skills needed for the role. Tell them exactly why you are suitable for the promotion in a way they cannot deny. You deserve this, so ask for a promotion.

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