Why High-Interest Savings is for You

We are in turbulent times right now. Some people are out of work and unable to maintain their lifestyles. Some people are taking this time to better themselves financially and otherwise. Some people are hopping into the market to take advantage of new opportunities. No matter where you fall, we all can use this time to change or savings habits and goals. If you cant stomach the stock market but only have a simple savings account, here is why a high-interest saving is for you. Safer than the Read more [...]

How to Dispute a Debt

The journey of saving and financial freedom is often met with debt. Debt comes in many forms. These debts hurt your credit score when they fall into collections. You should check your score regularly for accuracy. Sometimes reported debits can be misrepresented or added to your report in error. Follow along for how to dispute a debt on your report. What Debt Can You Depute Debts you incurred can not be disputed. They can, however, be negotiated down for smaller pay-off amounts. The Read more [...]