3 Finance Goals Everyone Should Have

The new year always ushers in a new set of goals or, revised set of goals and promises to keep. This past year has been very tough financially for most Americans, so naturally setting some financial goals would be a great start to getting back on course with personal finance by saving up, improving credit score and investing. Even if you have other goals taking the place of goals pertaining to money, these 3 are crucial to long term growth, happiness and preparedness. Here’s 3 goals you should Read more [...]

Three Retirement Planning Mistakes That Could Cost You Big

After years of dedicating yourself to a career and a family, retirement is a welcoming moment in a person’s life. It’s the moment where you can say good-bye to the 9 to 5 grind and live out your golden years in true bliss. You may even have plans to pursue passion projects, travel the world, and spend much-needed quality time with friends and family. While dreaming about retirement can be fun, if you haven’t adequately planned, bringing your dreams to fruition is highly unlikely. You’d Read more [...]

Ways to Reduce Business Debt

Much like personal debt, business debt can get out of control quickly. A slow sales month, a lawsuit, an increase in vendor rates, the sudden need to hire a new employee, an unexpected maintenance or repair bill, or customers not paying outstanding balances on time, can set you back thousands of dollars. Sure, you may have some emergency cash stashed away, but if the problem is large enough the consequences could be plentiful. You could fall behind on other bills, ruin your personal and business Read more [...]

5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Save Money

The grind of a small business owner never ends, and unfortunately, neither does the expenses. Though you have to spend money to make money, there are always ways to manage and scale back so that you don't endanger your company. Consider these five practical methods. Don't Overstaff Working fewer hours is the dream, so when you have the money to pay for extra help, it may seem obvious to jump at the opportunity. However, salary wages can quickly add up. While your business is still small, it Read more [...]

Managing Your Personal Finances During the Pandemic

Have your finances suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic? If so, you’re not alone. There are millions of people across the country that are scrounging for the financial resources they need to get by. With many out of work or taking lesser hours, making the most of their paychecks is easier said than done. Though things are rough and the future is unclear, there are things you can start doing to regain control of your finances during the pandemic. Adjust Your Budget If you’re making Read more [...]

4 Actionable Tips for Saving Money

All of us have good intentions when it comes to saving a bit of money, right? We might tell ourselves that we’ll begin saving when we manage to reach some sort of milestone, such as when we reach a certain birthday, get a roommate, or get a raise. However, the truth is that you’ll only begin to save money once you develop habits that are healthy when it comes to money. Often, our money saving goals aren’t enough of a priority to keep us from purchasing the latest smartphone, TV, or kitchen Read more [...]

FAQs About Moving Your Manufacturing to Mexico

If your business makes something, whether it be furniture, appliances, electronics, apparel, clean energy, or just about anything else, you might be considering moving the manufacturing arm of your business to Mexico. If this is the case, you would probably be specifically considering maquiladoras in Mexico, which are factories protected by certain trade agreements to make them more attractive to American companies.  Let’s look at some of the common questions you might face when making this decision. Q: Read more [...]

How Aspiring Copywriters Can Improve Their Craft and Find Work

Some people were born to write for a living. Luckily, there's plenty of work out there. People need people to write online blogs and internal content for their business. If you want to be the copywriter who writes this material, you may not know how to go about being successful in your career. Here are some tips on how aspiring copywriters can improve their craft and find work. Get Educated If you want to be a successful copywriter, you need to know your stuff. Get a degree in English or Read more [...]

How to Improve Your Personal Finances

Do you want to be rich? It’s a simple question, but it causes almost everyone some discomfort. Some people feel helpless. They have no idea how to start. Others get angry. The question triggers all their frustrations about wealth and success issues. Only a few people will say “yes!” But here’s the thing: You get to choose how much money will make you feel rich. For some people, it’s six figures. For others, it must be seven figures. If you have more than enough money to meet your needs Read more [...]

Making Your Home a Healthier Place to Live

Homeowners would be surprised to find out their homes are not as healthy as they might imagine. If you want your home to be healthier, make sure you consider the following tips. Attic Cleaning One area in the home that is often overlooked is the attic. It's one place in your home that most people tend to avoid for the most part, but that is part of the reason it can become a problem area. Toxins, irritants, and dust could build up and so much more. You should opt for attic cleanup and decontamination Read more [...]