Best Baby Gifts Under $20


Best Baby Gifts Under $20



All babies are different, but when both of my children have the same favorite books and toys, I put those books and toys at the top of my gift list for other kids. It should come as no surprise, then, that I have bought several glowing seahorses and peekaboo books in the past few years. Here are a few more of my “go to” gifts for kids:

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Favorite Infant Books:

Baby Stapler loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? He has started asking for it by name, although he also loves Polar Bear and Panda Bear versions.


Goodnight Moon is a classic book we read to Little Stapler Every. Single. Night. It is in the regular rotation for Baby Stapler as well. In fact, both Mr. Stapler and I have the book memorized and usually recite it to Baby Stapler while he’s laying in his crib, calming down for sleep.


Peek-a-Who? is an interactive “peekaboo” book. Baby Stapler loves to turn the pages, and has even started saying “moo” when it’s time to see the cow. Be still my heart!


Farm Peekaboo is another wonderful peekaboo book. This book gets babies involved in a peekaboo game with the photos of babies and stuffed animals. Not surprisingly, Baby Stapler has started to say “baby” after playing with this book — and others in the series — every night. 

Favorite Baby Toys:

In addition to the everyday toys he finds around the house, there are a few toys Baby Stapler loves like no other.

The Fisher Price Glowing Seahorse is the one toy my oldest son chose to give his newborn baby brother. It has soothed him to sleep for almost 5 years, and he wanted his little brother to enjoy it, too. He hit a home run — Baby Stapler also loves his glowing seahorse!


Sophie The Giraffe closely resembles a dog toy. It’s rubber. It squeaks. And babies love it.


My Pal Scout is a hit before you even open the box. Both kids love Scout. Scout is my first choice toy for a car trip because it’s interactive, doubles as a sleep soother, and it’s soft.


I’m still not done buying Baby Stapler’s Christmas gifts. So tell me: What was your 1-year-old’s favorite toy? 


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