Broadening Your Business: Tips on Expanding Your Business in Brisbane on a Budget

For most small businesses, growth is a top priority. While not all companies are concerned with expanding far and fast, some degree of upward momentum is essential. It’s no easy feat because investing money in the wrong places can lead to a squeeze on key departments. You’ve got to keep tight control over spending and make sure costs don’t exceed income.

There are lots of ways to do this, particularly for companies operating in central Brisbane. The region is a melting pot of communities, industries, and market influencers. Pick the right growth strategy, and you could easily become one of the most recognisable brands in the city. With a Servcorp virtual office in Brisbane, for example, you don’t have to commit until you’re sure.

Conduct a Trial Run

If you’re new to Brisbane, it’s important to do some research before making firm commitments. Check out the local culture, attractions, demographics, and any major market rivals. This is the best to know if the area is a good match. You could, of course, just move there and hope for the best, but you stand to lose a lot of money if it doesn’t work out.

With the support of virtual offices, it’s easy to set up a temporary base in the CBD and start investigating. These facilities are based on a remote model. You don’t pay for a physical office space, but you do get unrestricted access to a ‘cloud’ of corporate tools. So, even in a new city, virtual offices give businesses a grounded phone number and a formal address.

Recruit a Remote Team

Alternatively, you could use virtual offices to establish a remote team. This is a low-cost way to expand, at least in the preliminary stages, as you can recruit employees directly from the new territory. This is a practical route if your budget is tight and you haven’t got the money to invest in ‘on the ground’ research.

Leading remote teams is a challenge, but virtual offices are designed to make the process as stress-free as possible. You can set up a professional base in Brisbane, without the need for a full-time workspace. Appoint a branch supervisor to take care of company mail and calls. The virtual facility will collect and process them. All employees have to do is keep you updated.

Work with Freelancers

One clever way to expand, without having to pour money into real estate or office refurbs, is to hire freelancers. Like remote recruits, freelancers and independent contractors usually operate from home. They are given plenty of direction and commands, but they retain control over how, when, and where they complete tasks.

Freelancers are a major asset because they expand the workforce and its capabilities without demanding extra resources. You don’t need to find space for them in your office. There’s no need for additional furniture. They have few requirements beyond reliable communication, clear instructions, and constructive feedback.

Build Up a Brand Presence

The power of the internet means that all kinds of business expansions are possible. There’s more than one option. You don’t have to construct a permanent base in the new territory immediately. Certainly, for the first year or two, smaller businesses can get away with marketing heavily in the new region but holding off on the opening of a formal branch. Even your domain name solidifies your brand.

This might require the help of ‘on the ground’ recruits in Brisbane or whichever city you’re trying to enter. You may also need to visit infrequently to meet with suppliers and investors, though some may be happy with video calls. If you’re going to sell to a new market without putting down roots, make sure there are plenty of ways for customers and affiliates to get in touch.


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