Creating a Side Gig to Pay Off Debt

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Mr. Stapler is a hustler. A side hustler, that is. If you’re not familiar with the term side hustle, and you’re struggling with debt, you should learn all about it. It’s a new term for an old concept, one known by many names: A side gig, a second job, moonlighting, freelancing, etc. A side hustle is a way to earn money when you’re not earning money with your usual job. Why should people in debt learn all about side hustles? The key to paying off debt is not just to Spend Less, but to Earn Read more […]


April Financial Update: A Whole New Debt Profile

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When I pictured my first night as a homeowner, I had an image of sitting in front of our new fireplace, surrounded by moving boxes and sipping champagne. Our actual first night as homeowners was nothing like that. I spent the evening in the basement, learning how to perform maintenance on the waterproofing system. Just as the record snowfall here in the Northeast tested even the best ice dam prevention measures, the resulting thaw is testing even the most sophisticated waterproofing systems. Read more […]