How to save money on your vision and eyewear

We all have to take care of our eyes and take the steps necessary to preserve our sight with the right glasses and eyewear we need to correct our vision. Frustratingly, all these eye exams, glasses and contact lenses don’t come cheap and if you’re someone who is living on a tight budget or you’re trying to save a little more money this month, you might be wondering how you can save. Here we’ll explore how you can save money on your vision and eyewear. Without compromising your eye health.  Don’t Read more [...]

Tips for Making Your Money Last Longer

  No matter how hard you try, there are times when you can find yourself short on money. An unexpected bill, redundancy, or another emergency can also leave us with liquidity problems.  Thankfully, there are plenty of things we can do to save money so that we don’t end up with days or weeks of the month left when we run out.  Check Your Cupboards While it may not always seem like it, the cost of food shopping can quickly add up. You’ll know this if you’ve ever been to Read more [...]

Understanding the success rate of the day traders

When the traders come into the field of Forex, they always think about getting success. Most of the people who arrive in the day trading have a lack of patience and discipline which hinders the process of making success. This is true that 92 to 95 % of people face failure in the trading field. The success rate is very little. It’s about 3.5 % to 4.5%. Sometimes, people take day trading as a part time job which creates problems. If a person cannot give proper time in the business, his or her success Read more [...]

Most Effective Steps To Trade Like an Expert

There is no scope to wonder about why so many people find a way to opt-in in the Forex trading world. Statistics show that around 80% of the joiners fail to survive in the exchange industry. Most of them count massive losses. However, the industry shows no sign to lose the power to attract people. The number of newcomers is ever swelling. If you are one of these newbies and already feeling low by the above-mentioned failure-rate of traders worldwide, calm down, and don’t panic. Like the enormous Read more [...]

What Are the Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy?

If you're overwhelmed by debt then you might think about filing for bankruptcy. This is a viable option for many people. However, it deeply affects you financial life. Therefore, people usually only turn to this option as a last resort. Before you go that route, make sure that you know the alternatives to filing bankruptcy. Find a Way to Pay Down Debt If at all possible, the best of all alternatives to filing bankruptcy is to pay down your debt. Of course, if you're looking at bankruptcy, then Read more [...]

My Top Four Companies To Invest in

In order to live comfortably at retirement, you have to save save save. When saving is not enough, you must invest.  I got into investing a few years ago. I knew I wanted to purchase a house and used Acron's to help me save up for that. It was a passive platform that did all the work for me. A few years after I bought my home, I thought I should really try to invest more and spend less. I have had much success with my picks so far, and want to share some of my favorite companies to invest in. Tesla Tesla Read more [...]

Should You Invest in Art? 5 Podcast Episodes To Help You Decide.

The art world has always fascinated me. The characters, the auctions, the drama that surrounds it all ... it's a fascinating world. And I've always wondered if I should invest in art. It seems like a daunting form of investment. But it also seems like a lot of fun. So, to help me decide, I opted to delve into some podcast episodes that discuss the topic. If investing in art is something that interests you then perhaps you, too, would like these episodes: 1. Should You Invest in Art? Show: Read more [...]

Best YouTube Channels About Investing

If you are like me, one day you hope to retire. I would like to retire very early so I can enjoy life longer. To meet our retirement goals, we must have savings. How do we save? We do so by squirreling away a portion of our check each month into a savings account or high-yield savings account. Simple savings alone is good, but it won't get you to your goal quicker. For that, you need to invest. Check out some of the best YouTube channels about investing to start your journey. Graham Read more [...]

The Best Apps to Manage Money Through the 2020 Holiday Season

Most everyone was financially impacted by the COVID crisis, and much of 2020 has seen many American families struggling to pay rent, keep their power on and afford essentials like food and healthcare. Seven months after the start of the reaction to the pandemic in the U.S., millions of Americans continue to struggle, both financially and psychologically — and the holidays are just around the corner. We need the holiday season more than ever, even if we can’t travel and must celebrate with Read more [...]

5 Ways to Better Understand Your Money Psychology

I have a Masters degree in psychological studies. Therefore, it's no surprise that I'm very interested in the psychology of money. The way we approach finances should be logical but many of us respond emotionally to money instead. Better understanding your own money psychology can help you better work with your finances. Here are 5 ways to better understand your relationship with money. 1. Journal About Money We all have complicated feelings about money. Uncover yours by keeping a journal about Read more [...]