Exchange Unused Diabetic Strips for Cash

If you have diabetes then you know what it is like to test your blood sugar using diabetic test strips. However, did you know that you can exchange your unused diabetic strips for cash? If you have excess supplies, then this can be a great way to get a little cash back without even having to leave your home. What Are Diabetic Test Strips? Diabetic test strips are medical strips that you use, in conjunction with a glucose meter, to check your blood sugar. You simply prick your finger, catch the Read more [...]

5 Ways to Acquire Instant Cash for Emergencies

Having an emergency fund is important. However, most of us neglect saving money for future emergencies. What can you do if you do not have an emergency fund? Where can you acquire the money to use in case of an emergency?  Fortunately, there are many options that can help you acquire cash during emergencies. Many lending companies are willing to lend you money during these times. Some means don’t require you to apply for a loan. These options are sure to assist you during a financial emergency. 5 Read more [...]

Ways to Reduce Business Debt

Much like personal debt, business debt can get out of control quickly. A slow sales month, a lawsuit, an increase in vendor rates, the sudden need to hire a new employee, an unexpected maintenance or repair bill, or customers not paying outstanding balances on time, can set you back thousands of dollars. Sure, you may have some emergency cash stashed away, but if the problem is large enough the consequences could be plentiful. You could fall behind on other bills, ruin your personal and business Read more [...]


Cryptocurrencies have been mined by creation activities which have been increasingly widespread. This is a very bordering phenomenon during the start of bitcoin, but it is now a perfect industry. Mining, which is a payment service wherein all cryptocurrency copies of mining are new, confirms and calculates all the transactions that makeup. You will get a code, which consists of numbers and letters. This is also called a hash, and blocks are produced separately in a series of transactions. However, Read more [...]

How to Tithe When in Debt

Church is a powerful institution. We go there to worship, pray, and spiritual healing. It brings together family and community under one roof. Church is a place where the music and the sermon uplift the masses. We give our thanks not only by showing up but without tithes and offerings. Sometimes our financial position has us wondering how to tithe when in debt. Follow along for the answer. Budget When discussing anything debt or financial relates, many people will tell you to start with a Read more [...]

5 Ways to De-Stress When Money Challenges Overwhelm You

I hate to admit it but money has overwhelmed me a lot lately. I think of myself as someone who is generally level-headed when it comes to money. But let's face it: times are tough. The stress has gotten to me. Here's something important that I know: stress makes money problems worse. When we let stress take over our brains, we don't think as clearly. We react, instead of acting from an intentional place. So I find myself wasting money when I need to be saving it. Or I find myself overworking Read more [...]

I just caused a car accident – what should I do? 

Conditions on the road can change in a heartbeat. You could be driving along minding your own business one minute and then you’re spinning out of control the next, or find yourself crashing into another vehicle the next.  Being in a car accident is terrifying enough, but when you believe that you were to blame, it creates a terrible sense of terror. What if the other person is hurt? Or they’ve been killed? Will you go to jail? How did this even happen? I’m going to be in so much trouble! Read more [...]

Beginners with Cryptocurrency: You Can Earn A Lot

Trading cryptocurrency is extremely beneficial to you, with a lot of cryptocurrency increasing seven times its year - to - year value, performing very well with asset groups in terms of the ROI (return on investment). However, it can be daunting for you to choose business opportunities in cryptocurrency trading - which can be a confusing choice of never specifically scrapped indicators that frequently conflict with each other, and technical analysis. Before you understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency Read more [...]

Why High-Interest Savings is for You

We are in turbulent times right now. Some people are out of work and unable to maintain their lifestyles. Some people are taking this time to better themselves financially and otherwise. Some people are hopping into the market to take advantage of new opportunities. No matter where you fall, we all can use this time to change or savings habits and goals. If you cant stomach the stock market but only have a simple savings account, here is why a high-interest saving is for you. Safer than the Read more [...]

States Where You Can Go To Jail For Debt

If someone asked me whether they could go to jail for debt, my first reaction would be "of course not." However, that's not exactly true. There are certain types of debt that can result in jail time. Moreover, there are loopholes in the law that allow people to go to jail for debt in many US states. Here is what you need to know. You Can Go to Jail For Debt: Taxes and Child Support There are different types of debt. If you owe taxes, commit tax fraud, or otherwise mess with the IRS, then you Read more [...]