How Much Do You Need to Invest in Stocks?

If you want to start investing, one of the first items you'll need to figure out is how much you should put in stocks. This answer may not be the same for every individual. Instead, the amount you invest depends on your financial circumstances and your short- and long-term goals. Learn more about how much money you need to invest in stocks so that you can make smart investing decisions. Start Small Image via Flickr by Unhindered by Talent Many people mistakenly believe that they don't Read more [...]

6 Tips for Bringing Digital Attention to Your Business and Get Out of Debt

More than 70 percent of small businesses have a website. But is your small business website working as well as you hoped it would? If the answer is "No," you're not alone. Many small businesses have had to make essential changes to their online approach in order to get enough customers. Today, even for brick-and-mortar businesses, the website is crucial for getting more people through the door. Wondering how to improve your small business website and grow your income? We can help -- Read more [...]

Under the New Tax Laws for 2019 Is Charity Still Worth It?

While many people choose to give to charity to support their communities, the ability to benefit financially made giving more attractive. Taxpayers could itemize their deductions and claim their charitable contributions, giving them the ability to lower their tax burden. However, with the new 2019 tax laws, fewer people are going to benefit from itemizing, decreasing the odds that they will receive a deduction for giving to charity. Changes to the Tax Law When you file your taxes, you typically Read more [...]

Bad Credit Loans: 6 Smart Tips for Getting a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

Are you one of the over 60 million Americans with bad or poor credit? If yes, you certainly know the consequences. For starters, since the Financial Crisis of 2008 banks have been tightening the lending noose, effectively locking out people with bad credit. Without access to loans, it can be difficult to reach your financial goals. That said, getting a loan when you have bad credit is not impossible. As long as you know where to look and how to prepare your application, you have a solid Read more [...]

What Does a Financial Advisor Do and Why It May Be Time to See One

Less than half of 1000 Americans surveyed said they felt confident about their 401(k)s. Feeling confident about finances is not easy for many, which many enlist the help of a financial advisor. Exactly what does a financial advisor do and do you need one? Read on to get the answer to this question. What is a Financial Advisor? Although it seems like being a financial advisor is an official title, the term is not a name or a degree. In fact, a financial advisor is simply a person who Read more [...]

How to Manage Personal Finances When You Live Alone

Everyone has their own unique situation when it comes to personal finances. There are countless variables that determine your circumstances. Whether or not you live alone is one of the top factors that will play a role in shaping your money profile. People who live alone generally need to be more careful, as they are on their own in covering expenses. Here are some ideas for how to manage personal finances when you live alone. Make a Budget No matter who you are, it’s a good idea to make Read more [...]

How to make the most of your time as a student in Wolverhampton

Heading to Wolverhampton to start your university career? If so, there’s a lot to consider, such as knowing which campus you will actually be studying at. You will also be wanting to know what are the local bars, clubs and other sites you want to check out, as well the various options there are for student accommodation. Wolverhampton is a brilliant city to explore on many levels, it can seem a little bit less appealing than some of the more well known university cities, so hopefully this small Read more [...]

Here are 5 Digital Nomads You Should Follow for Financial Success

  Thanks to the rise of the gig economy, more people are unchaining themselves from traditional workplaces and the standard 9-to-5 experience. Instead, crafting your own career that provides you with flexibility and financial success is all the rage. Thankfully, plenty of people have started down or are well-established on that road. By following certain digital nomads – the skilled professionals who took their life down this interesting path – you can learn about how they Read more [...]

How can a good freight forwarder help you with Amazon FBA shipments

Those of you who are familiar with the Amazon fulfillment program know how a good freight forwarder can help change the course of your business towards the success road. But for those of you who are new to eCommerce and have just set up shop on, your only hope of taking things to the next level is to work with a good Amazon Freight Forwarder. Amazon's fulfillment program is very strict about who it picks to work with. Only the luckiest resellers ever make it to the program, and whoever Read more [...]

Is Robinhood a Scam?

When an investment app advertises free stock trades, it is normal to be suspicious. After all, most people understand that if something sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam. As a result, many wonder whether Robinhood, the commission-free online broker is legit. Here’s what you need to know. What is Robinhood? Robinhood is an investment app and online brokerage firm. The app launched in December 2014 and initially had a waiting list of more than half a million people. Now, Read more [...]