A New Twist on the 365 Money Challenge

I dare you to save a few thousand in a year. Think it can’t be done? Yeah, when you think about how much money that is, it does seem a bit scary. But it can be done. Creating a challenge to save money can not only be fun, but it’ll definitely help you reach those financial goals a lot sooner! Enter the 365 Money Challenge. The idea is simple: set aside a small amount of money every day for 365 days and watch the savings grow. There’s also another component to it: you have to double Read more [...]

What is a Personal Finance Ratio and Why Should You Care?

Do you really know if you are financially healthy? Look, even though you may have a pretty decent budget, better spending habits, or even a really solid plan to pay down your debt, you still need to know your personal finance ratios. What are they exactly? Well, financial ratios are really important in determining aspects of your personal finance, like your credit rating all the way to how much money you can actually spend. Think about it as a way to not only identify your net worth Read more [...]

Super Easy Ways to Find Money You Didn’t Know Existed

Wouldn’t it be cool to find random money that’s yours to keep? No, it’s not a scam and the money is real. There are no gimmicks or tricks involved. In most cases, it’s as easy as typing your name and address online. The magic of technology will do all the work for you, and you don’t even have to pay a fee to do so. So what’s the catch? None. It’s technically money you have but didn’t know existed. Try to think back as far as you can of all the different investments, bank Read more [...]

10 Super Easy Ways to Cut Your Bills in Half

Monthly expenses seem like they’re out of control? Think you’ve already found ways to cut your bills and can’t do any more? You might be surprised at how many more ways you can cut your bills in half. And if you find all of these not surprising, leave a comment below and let us know what are some ways you’ve been able to cut your bills in half. Carpool or Ride your Bike Yeah, sounds obvious, but in the days of Uber and Lyft, people forget that it takes  a few minutes to ask around Read more [...]

Don’t Let Your Rewards Expire!

What do you do if it's the last week of the month, and you have Rewards expiring soon? Don't spend it on paper, batteries, boxes, or pens unless they are free! My mental checklist of items to look for starts with items that are free after rebate, and usually ends with me buying toner. Here is a Stapler checklist of . . . What To Look For When Your Rewards Are About To Expire: Free after Rebate items. Check the Weekly Stapler during the last month of the quarter and look for items that are Read more [...]

Staples 103: Rolling Staples Rewards into Cash

The perfect Staples rewards savings system takes 2 steps before you get cash back. First, use cash to buy an item that is free after Rewards. Second, use your Rewards to buy an item that is free after Rebate. Just remember that you cannot earn Rewards on items you buy with Rewards. You can, however, get cash back in the form of a Rebate when you purchase a “free after Rebate” item. Rebates are issued for the full price of the item, regardless of whether you used a coupon to buy it. // Read more [...]

Staples 102: Rewards

As you know by now, Staples has a Rebate program and a Rewards program. The Rewards program does require a little more babysitting than the Easy Rebates, but with a little organization it is easy to master. As I mentioned before, it’s easiest to have the same logins for both the Rewards and Rebates programs, which just makes checking in online that much easier. Once you have your Rewards account started, you can scope out the frequent “Free after Rewards” items in the circular. When you Read more [...]

Staples 101: Staples Rebates

Staples has a Staples Rewards program and a Staples Rebate program, both of which regularly offer items that are free after Rewards or Rebate. This posting is most about the Staples Rebates program. I've saved a ton with this program and wanted to say a few words so you can save as well. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I used to cut out UPC codes and mail in rebates to a PO Box, then after a few weeks or months, wonder “whatever happened to that rebate?” Staples’ Read more [...]