My Daughter’s Coupon Tips Helped Me Save Thousands

In reality, most people can’t reach the heights of Extreme Couponing. But that doesn’t mean couponing isn’t great for saving money. In fact, my daughter’s coupon tips helped me save thousands. Here’s how. Taking Advantage of Double Coupon Days My daughter’s couponing helped me understand the power of double coupon days. Some grocery stores allow shoppers to double the value of their coupons by making purchases at specific times, usually on less popular days.By getting groceries Read more [...]

Six Ways to Spend Less on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a necessity if you own a vehicle, and when accidents do occur, it proves to be well worth the monthly premiums. But still, nobody wants to pay a dollar more than they have to for a policy. The truth is, you shouldn’t (and don’t) have to. There are plenty of ways that nearly everyone can save on car insurance.Search for discountsAlmost every insurance company has different specials and rewards for their drivers. Simply ask your personal agent to review your account Read more [...]

Healthy Costco Foods – Tips, Tricks and a Shopping List

If you’re anything like me,  you get distracted by the rotisserie chicken, baked goods and the new food items they have in stock every time I happen to go there. It’s so tempting to go from aisle to aisle just to see what you can get.Yes, it’s hard not to pick up that massive cheesecake for a deep discount, but Costco is more than that. There are some pretty die-hard fans out there that rave about healthy Costco foods. You can find a whole range of organic products, as well as ones Read more [...]

Costco Chili Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Costco has become something of a cult-like chain store, mesmerizing millions of customers (and visitors) each year. I’m actually one of them. Yeah, you definitely get some really good discounts, but there’s so much more. And no, I’m not talking about the rotisserie chicken everyone likes to drool over I’m taking about Costco chili.If you pass by the Costco food court on your way out the door, you may have noticed that they now have chili on the menu. They started rolling out this Read more [...]

How to Save Money on New Tech Products for Your Family

Nowadays, purchasing any new type of technology can be expensive. Computers, smartphones and household appliances can cost hundreds of dollars. New models are being released constantly, and it can be quite tempting to just go ahead and grab the latest gadget available.When you purchase a new product, most of the time you are spending more than what the product is actually worth. Costs can also add up if you have a household full of tech-savvy family members - everyone wants their own gadgets.We Read more [...]

Get Free Shipping at ThredUp – The Ultimate Clothing Resale Store

If you can’t stop buying clothes (as long as you budgeted for it right?), you can still look stylish by buying used clothes. One such place is an online consignment store called ThredUp. In fact you can get free shipping at ThredUp!So yes, you can browse at what can equate to a garage sale (or ebay, but much better) online in your pajamas. How cool is that? Yes, But Is It Legit? In a nutshell, yes. Not only have I found great deals on there, but friends of mine have too. I needed a few Read more [...]

Snagshout Review: Is This Discount Site a Scam?

Want to save even more money on Amazon? Have you tried a website called Snagshout? It’s a place where you can get free or major discounts on products off Amazon.Yeah, this sounds like a scam, doesn’t it? Rest assured, this isn’t one.This Snagshout review will walk you through step-by-step what it is, how to use it, and if it’s the right place to shop for you.What is Snagshout and How Does it Work? Simply put, Snagshout is a website that features websites from retailers that Read more [...]

4 Great Browser Extensions to Help Curb Your Spending

No matter what time of year it is, online shopping can be addictive. Add at certain times of the year like Black Friday or going back to school sales, there are so many sales out there that it might be hard to curb your spending.Even though you may get a great deal, it’s not worth blowing your budget or worse yet, going into debt over it. And no matter how good you think you are at curbing your spending, it’s pretty stressful when temptation strikes.So why don’t you do yourself Read more [...]

4 Apps That Make Couponing Easier

 You don’t need big binders or spend ours couponing to maximize our savings at stores. Believe it or not there, are ways that can make couponing easier.Enter coupon ads. They’re so easy to use it’s pretty much a no-brainer that you at least try some of them out. In fact, some of these apps automate some tasks for you so they not only save you time, but money as well.That being said, there might be some that are worth your while more than others. Some will have tons of items Read more [...]

Should you Trade in or Sell Your Old Car?

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Your brain plays many tricks on you when you’re shopping. One that I almost fell victim to when I was buying our newest (used) car was this one: As the amount of money you’re spending increases, you are less likely to save money in little ways. In my case, I bought a $19,900 minivan. I had negotiated the price down from somewhere around $23,000. It was worth an hour of my time to do the bartering that resulted in paying $3,000 less. Heck, most of that hour was consumed by getting the price from Read more […]