Make Money Staying Healthy

How to Make Money by Staying Healthy

Make Money Staying Healthy

Did you know that you can make money by staying healthy? You can also make money by taking actions to get healthier, including by losing weight. There are a variety of different options to do this, including through a number of apps.

Goal-Setting Apps and Tools

There are a variety of different apps and tools that you can use to set goals related to weight loss, nutrition, and health. You can use these to earn money. Here are some examples:

  • Pact. Set any goal related to health or fitness. People also using the app who fail to meet their goals will payout to the people who do meet their goals. So, as long as you meet your goals, you make money by staying healthy.
  • FitCrown. This works similarly to Pact. However, you don’t set the goals; you participate in challenges that you either win or don’t.
  • DietBet. According to Counting My Pennies, this works similarly to those above but is specifically focused on weight loss goals.
  • HealthyWage. The Work At Home Woman recommends this one, which is like DietBet.
  • Bounts. Set fitness challenges. Earn rewards when you complete them. Money Pantry reports that “rewards include vouchers, sports good and exclusive experiences.” So, you don’t earn cash, but you do earn.
  • Way Better. You can bet on a variety of things here, such as sticking with gratitude journaling, but most of them are related to health and fitness.

Earn Rewards / Points

You don’t have to set goals or place bets on yourself in order to earn money through fitness apps. You can earn rewards and points for healthy activities on a variety of apps, too. Here are some examples:

  • Evidation, formerly known as Achievement, is one of the most popular apps for earning cash for healthy activities.
  • GOODCoins lets you earn money for activities like running. You can spend the rewards in their store.
  • We Fitter works the same way as GOODCoins.
  • Earthmiles and Bitwalking are just two more examples of the same types of health/fitness rewards apps.
  • Charity Miles is similar. However, you donate the money that you earn to charity.

Check your App Store for more options. There are lots of them! See what works best for you.

Cash Back Apps and Rewards

Take advantage of any cash-back apps to maximize earnings on healthy activities. For example, use these apps to offset the cost of buying healthy food.

In a similar approach, use your cashback credit cards to pay for anything healthy that you do. For example, pay for your gym membership with these. That’s a great way to make money by staying healthy. You’re spending that money anyway, so use those tricks to make it back.

Other Ways to Make Money by Staying Healthy

There were ways to make money staying healthy even before there were apps, of course. For example, get a job that keeps you active. Host Airbnb experiences where you take people out hiking, get a job as a summer camp counselor in an active environment or become a physical trainer or fitness instructor.

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