My 3 Favorite Freebies

Staples is my favorite store for freebies because their freebies are unique. I have been strategic shopping for a few years, and used to have a Sunday afternoon ritual of going out to the three major drugstore chains to get the best freebies available. I used to shop at two different, competing, grocery stores, so I could get the best price available that week. My stockpile was well stocked. Then I moved, changed jobs, and had less time to devote to my hobby. But I still wanted to save money on things I already buy. I kept my eyes peeled for only the really good deals, and found myself frequently at Staples more than any other store. I can find free toothpaste at any one of the major drugstores at some point. But none of them give away these freebies.

My Top 3 Favorite Freebies:

  • 16-packs of AA and AAA batteries. With an infant, who soon grew to be a toddler, having an endless supply of batteries is very useful. Staples has these specials just about every quarter.
  • Printer paper. As a couponer, I rely on printable coupons to get some great deals. Sometimes one coupon takes up an entire page, so I go through a good amount of paper. Staples has these specials just about once a month.
  • Boxes: Cardboard bankers boxes, portable plastic file boxes, and plastic totes. I love see-through storage, and I find myself frequently popping together one of those bankers boxes whenever I have to carry bulky items. Staples has these specials semi-annually.

Aside from the freebies, I can count on Staples to get me the best price on equipment or supplies that they sell. I have used their price-matching guarantee several times, and have always been pleased. As a Staples Rewards member, I also get free shipping — so I can get what I want, for the price I want, without even leaving home. (You can call this lazy or you can attribute it to being mom to a toddler who takes extraordinarily long afternoon naps) The price-matching guarantee is particularly helpful if I have Staples Rewards that are expiring soon and there aren’t any freebies that interest me. I research the best price for my printer’s toner, call up Staples, and they match the price and pop it in the mail for me.

I know this can sound like an ad for Staples, but it is 100% my opinion, without any compensation whatsoever. I come by my love for Staples honestly. I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I’m pretty sure Staples doesn’t even know that I exist.

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