Staples October 12: Moneymakers and 20% off almost everything else!

Check out This Week's Deals at Staples at Direct link to this week's deals here:
Staplers, it’s a good week — 20% off everything you can fit in a Staples bag! It makes for a great moneymaker and deals on some of the random office supplies you need — as long as your supplies fit in the bag. This offer is only good until Tuesday. But all week you can snag a Mastercard moneymaker, too.

If you’re hoping to buy ink or toner with the coupon, there is a little snafu. Here is a screenshot from the circular:

20% off everything you can fit in the bagThat is awesome, because I need to pick up some toner, so I might as well put it in my bag and get 20% off. Not so fast … check out the fine print on the coupon:

Fill your bag and SAVE!

It excludes ink and toner!? Huh? Depending on your state’s consumer protection laws, your local Staples may or may not allow you to bend the coupon rules for ink and toner. I plan to stop by Staples on Sunday and see if they’ll allow me to use the coupon on toner. I’ll let you know what happens. 

UPDATE: Not only did Staples pricematch my toner, but they let me put it in the 20% off bag. So, I got the best price available on toner PLUS 20% off of that! I also snagged a great deal on a Jansport backpack. All backpacks are 50% off, so this $80 backpack was on sale for $40, plus 20% off — a grand total of $32 for a great backpack that’s guaranteed for life. Plus, a pencil case for $3 and lunchbox for $5 — with 20% off of those, it was hard to pass up. It’s all part of my strategy to save money on school supplies next year.



Notably, the fine print does not exclude software, so I will also purchase the Free after Rebate anti-virus software and make $4.40 in the process. 

Staples coupons this week, which you can print out online, starting on Sunday: 

  • 40% off any one packing supply or shipping service
  • 20% back in Staples Rewards on all color printing services
  • $10 off chairmats

This Week’s Best Deals at Staples:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows (1 User)[Boxed]Pre-Paid Card Moneymaker!

  • FREE — Kaspersky Anti-Virus, after Rebate ($22 at the register, $22 rebate)
    • $4.40 Moneymaker through Tuesday, if you use the 20% off Everything You can Fit in the Bag coupon.
  • $7 Moneymaker — Buy $300 of Mastercard gift cards and get a $20 pre-paid Visa gift card after Rebate. (approximately $312.90 at the register, $20 Rebate).
    • When choosing a pre-paid Mastercard from the rack, try to get the least number of cards possible — for example, two cards for $150, or one card for $200 and one for $100. Each card will have an activation fee from $3.95 to $6.95 each. So, the goal is to pay the least amount in activation fees while getting to the $300 minimum purchase.
    • Be sure to buy $300 worth of cards in one single purchase.
    • Approximately $312.90 at the register, $20 Staples gift card after Rebate. Spend the Mastercard wherever you want!
    • Limit one Rebate per household.
  • $25 Visa pre-paid card on any wearable tech item. What does that mean? If you’re thinking of getting a Fitbit or headphones — for yourself or for a holiday gift — pricematch the item (start with Amazon) and get the $25 Visa as a bonus.
  • 15% off a $50 iTunes gift card
  • 20% off all PCs and tablets — Combine that sweet deal with a tech trade-in, worth at least $30, and you have an even sweeter deal!

Is there anything in particular you’re looking for at Staples in the next few months? I will keep my eyes peeled for it. Just let me know in the comments. Happy Stapling! 

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