Stocks I Like This Week

Stocks I Like This Week

It has been a terrible few months in the stock market. While I have a small portfolio, I’m still down by thousands. A small drop in the bucket for some of you who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your account. Nevertheless, over the last couple of weeks, things have been trying to make a change for the better. I’ve seen a portfolio start coming back up, but I’m still down significantly in some stocks. While I’m not abandoning my picks, I need to modify my strategy. In doing so, I’ve been looking at a few stocks that I need to add to my portfolio. Here are the stocks I like this week.


Google has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks. While I didn’t hold it in my portfolio on its own before, I started to take a hard look. A few weeks ago, they announced that they are doing a 20-for-1 stock split. This makes the almost $3000 price tag look good for small-time retail investors like me. If it’s anything like the Tesla or Apple stock split with an almost 50% return for me, I’m sure it will be advantageous for the person who invests in it. If you’re looking at adding the stock to your portfolio, make sure you hold it by July 1, 2022.

Frontier Airlines

Another stock I’m looking at heavily this week is Frontier and Spirit airlines. I already hold Spirit airlines in my portfolio and didn’t even know Frontier Airlines traded publicly. But as of Monday, Frontier and Spirit announced that they will be joining forces to create a super low-cost carrier by merging under Frontier. If you’re a Sprint shareholder, you will receive 1.9 shares of Frontier stock plus a $2.13 cash out for each stock that you hold. I’m looking forward to the merger as I love saving and flying with Frontier.

Stocks I Like This Week and Own

All of my portfolios are looking tragic. Right now, there are still a few strongholds that I’m looking forward to in the future. I think that betting platforms are here to stay that’s why I am sticking by Draftkings. They are also acquiring Golden Nugget Online Gaming which I also hold. I’m also going to continue to put money into my cannabis stocks as well because it is the way for the future, and I can see it becoming legalized in all 50 states and federally at some point in our lifetime.

These are the stocks that I like this week, what do you suggest?

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