Trending Career Options in Strong Economic Sectors

Employment, compensation and lifestyles are often topics of conversation in relation to happiness, life satisfaction and overall sense of well-being. Being an adult for most people contains an array of considerations around what living their best life looks like, in terms of the type of home, job, spouse, pets, hobbies, experiences, income and quality of material and consumer goods available. There are many metropolitan areas that are booming with new business, new construction, relocating businesses and increases in the real estate market that signal strong economic factors and positive growth. Job creation and job stability factors are some to consider when considering a new career, or a move to a new market in your current career. It’s been studied that for every single white collar job brought to or created in an area, five service related jobs are needed and created. Money circulation in society keeps business and people moving.

Some trending career paths are in the world of healthcare, technology, construction, engineering and the wellness industry. While volumes of jobs in certain industries and lines of work have changed across the years, such as a decline in manufacturing jobs and an increase in the need for nurses and construction workers, the thing that hasn’t changed in any industry is the need for a dedicated and talented workforce. The need for construction workers in areas with strong economic growth has increased and continues to be a marker of such economic health. Road construction, residential construction and renovation, commercial construction and renovation and land development are leaders in developing what were once small towns into thriving and bustling communities and suburban sprawls. Master planned communities require hundreds of construction employees, engineers, developers, architects and designers. Construction management schools provide the foundational groundwork necessary to get a start into this lucrative and satisfactory career field. Even with all of the tremendous advances in technology and engineering, there is still a vast need for humans to do the majority of the work when it comes to building roads, houses, buildings and structures. Machinery helps fantastically, but humans are the ones in absolute control of the machines and the progress, and in many cases, the actual work getting completed with age old hand tools, like hammers, shovels and saws.

While automation touches some job sectors and provides the opportunity for attrition and advancement into other opportunities, there’s still a very real need for great minds with the drive and passion to go into constructing the infrastructure, buildings, homes and communities that we all live, work and are entertained in. From new hospitals opening that need to be fully staffed with nurses, doctors, administrators and hundreds of other professionals, to new homes that need to be designed, constructed, cleaned and inspected, there are endless job opportunities in many areas all over the country, that provide an array of services to the betterment of the communities they exist within. Whether you want to go into construction, land management, land development, hospitality, retail, entrepreneurship, corporate roles, teaching and instruction, project management, healthcare, there are always career paths available to explore and consider, to better your position in life.

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