I am a Strategic Shopper. I combine sales, coupons, rebates, rewards, and whatever other promotion that will keep more money in my wallet without sacrificing my family’s needs. In 2011, the show “Extreme Couponing” inspired me to learn how to be a strategic shopper. I needed to know how they saved so much money, as long as I could do it for items that we buy, so I read up on “couponing” on HotCouponWorld’s Couponing 101 series. I also read Stephanie Nelson’s book, The CouponMom’s Guide to Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half. Now, I save 30-40% per week on my groceries and get a lot of my toiletries for free.

Although this site is dedicated to my favorite store for freebies, I hope to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve learned about saving money on things that I buy even if it isn’t on sale. I use a lot of tools in my strategic shopping system. This site will introduce you to all of them, so you too can have an arsenal of savings tools at your disposal.

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