18 Jobs Not Considered Real Jobs

Krystal Smith

Ever come across a job and thought, “Wait, is that even a real job?” Some jobs seem legit to the person doing them, but the rest of us might scratch our heads. We’re looking at 17 jobs on the fence in this list.

Ice Cream Taster

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Eating ice cream for a living? Being an ice cream taster might not seem like a real job, but it is. These people are known as professional taste testers; some get paid to taste different ice creams! Some taste testers could be food scientists working for companies that make food products. Sounds like a dream job for ice cream lovers.

Professional Mermaid

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For many people, being a Professional Mermaid means dressing up and swimming in a mermaid tail. But here’s the real deal: Professional mermaids often swim in live shows, photoshoots, or film shoots, and they can even be hired for special events or to give swimming lessons, raking in up to $47,500 a year.


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Many people believe being a D.J. is all about having a good time. Still, the reality is that it requires lots of practice to be a good D.J. Just knowing your music isn’t enough—it takes time and skill to seamlessly blend, mix, and put together music for various events.

Streaming Gamer

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Streaming yourself playing games may not seem like a job to many. But, the top gamers on YouTube invest countless hours planning their content, putting on a show, and editing their videos. So, obviously, it’s more than just playing games.


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In today’s social media era, almost everyone follows at least one influencer, be it a singer, actor, businessperson, or Instagram model. Yet, critics claim being an influencer is too easy to be a real job. In reality, influencers juggle various responsibilities, striving to earn through brand partnerships, ads, and multiple skills like photography and communication.


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In a world where many people struggle to find a job, it’s surprising that being a musician is considered an actual job. But for many, it is. Musicians work like everyone else to make a living, and sometimes, they have to work even harder than the rest of us.

Club Promoter

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Club promotion might not seem like a real job to some, but imagine the effort it takes to be “on” all the time and meet new people. Promoters bring in the crowd, spreading the word through flyers and social media and recruiting local representatives.

Nightclub Manager

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Being a nightclub manager isn’t just about partying and counting cash. It’s a supervisory role, with duties differing based on the club type. Typically, the manager leads a team and ensures the club runs smoothly.


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A matchmaker connects clients to potential romantic partners by understanding their personalities and preferences. However, with apps making matchmaking easier, some argue it’s a dying profession.


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Despite what many people think, dropshipping is more complex than posting a product and waiting for the money. However, dropshipping can be a real job if you nail certain factors. These include finding the right niche, building a solid brand, and managing logistics effectively.


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Many argue that being a politician isn’t a career anymore. It used to be about serving, but it has gradually turned into a business over the years. Some see the job as needing more science, rationality, and facts and being driven purely by ideology. Others view it as a real job, but only sometimes an honest one.

NFT Trader

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NFTs are digital “assets” known for having a shaky track record. It’s not unusual for people to pay big bucks only to see the value of an NFT plummet. However, independent NFT traders can rake in cash by buying low and selling high, similar to stock trading.

Bitcoin Trader

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Trading cryptocurrencies has potential, but it’s unpredictable. While around 80 percent of global investors have lost their money, some have become Bitcoin millionaires. Success probably depends on a mix of skill and luck.


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Some may have a natural gift, but many frauds charge high fees for generic advice. Nevertheless, there is a big industry where people claiming to be psychics offer advice. Psychics in the USA make about $66,789 per year or $32.11 per hour.


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Unlike clear-cut jobs like painters or barbers, the term “consultant” can be confusing. Saying that someone “advises management for a living” doesn’t show tangible results like a new haircut, making it hard to see their value. Yet, with the global Consulting Services market valued at USD 296,441.53 million in 2023, it’s likely a legitimate job.

MLM Sales

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Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies hire salespeople to sell products and recruit others to do the same. Some view it as a hobby business, but only some see it as a regular job. MLMs can be shady and corrupt, and while some earn steady income, many don’t make as much as promised.

Life Coach

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Life coaching is a vague job with no clear credentials. Some pick it up when other things don’t work out. The average U.S. life coach earns $30,000 – $40,000, with only 10% to 20% making six figures. It’s a challenging journey, and clients won’t just come to you.

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