17 High-Paying Jobs Surpassing the Average American Salary

Krystal Smith

Whether you’re a college student choosing your major or a working professional contemplating a career shift, many factors contribute to picking a job. Money is one of the most essential parts when choosing a career. So, what are the highest-paying jobs you can get? 


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Physicians, also known as doctors, provide medical care to their patients. Depending on their specialty, physicians may see a wide range of patients and make an average of over $250,000.


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Dental specialists are medical professionals who work with teeth, gums, and mouths. Depending on their skill set, dental professionals may provide a wide range of services and, like physicians, make over $200,000.

Chief Executives

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Chief executives (also known as CEOs) lead companies and have the highest-ranking office in the company. A chief executive role comes with many responsibilities; CEOs oversee the company’s operations, set its mission and vision, and make big, strategic decisions. CEOs have an average salary of $210,000.

Nurse Anesthetists

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Nurse anesthetists are responsible for providing surgical patients with care specifically related to anesthesia. This includes evaluating patients before surgery, administering anesthesia, monitoring patients during surgery, adjusting anesthesia as necessary to keep patients unconscious and unable to feel pain, and managing post-surgery care. They make an average salary of $200,000.

Airline Pilots

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Airline pilots and copilots assist the pilot, and flight engineers are responsible for monitoring the equipment and flight controls, primarily on older aircraft. Both copilots and flight engineers must be licensed airline pilots and earn a salary of $195,000.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

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Computer and information systems design, manage, and maintain a company’s systems and software to store, analyze, and communicate data. They make an average salary of $160,000.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

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Architectural and engineering managers plan, oversee, and direct projects and activities for architectural and/or engineering companies. Their salary can be up to $150,000.

Natural Sciences Managers

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Natural sciences managers leverage their scientific backgrounds to develop or improve various organizational initiatives, including research and development, testing, quality control, and production. They can earn up to $150,000.

Financial Managers

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Financial managers oversee a variety of profit and money-related tasks for an organization, including doing financial reporting and forecasting, conducting data analysis, managing investments, overseeing finance teams, and advising leadership on how to hit the company’s financial goals and support its financial health and stability. They make $150,000 per year.

Marketing Managers

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Marketing managers are responsible for promoting a product, service, event, brand, or organization. They conduct market research, develop creative marketing campaigns, write content and materials, and more. They make over 150,000.


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Lawyers study all aspects of the law and can take years of studying and loans to get their degree. Depending on the attorney, a client might be facing a criminal charge, navigating a divorce, or a company suing a competitor in an intellectual property dispute. They make over $145,000.

Petroleum Engineers

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A petroleum engineer finds and extracts oil and gas underneath the earth’s surface. They have multiple responsibilities, such as designing equipment to extract oil and gas from the world and developing and implementing extraction plans to drill into the earth and secure the oil and gas. They earn a salary of $145,000.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

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Computer and information research scientists are responsible for solving computing problems and exploring different ways to use software and other technology. Their salary is $140,000.


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Judges oversee cases in the courtroom, whether criminal or civil. Depending on the case, judges may have to make a final decision. They might preside over hearings, evaluate motions and other documents, interpret the law, write opinions, determine sentences, and instruct juries. Their salary is $140,000.

Sales Managers

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Sales managers are responsible for sales performance within an organization. Depending on the company, they might analyze data, track customer trends, devise strategies to attract new clients, close deals, hire staff, develop and run training for the sales team, and collaborate with colleagues on other teams. Their salary is $140,000.

Operations Specialties Managers

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Operations managers are responsible for improving efficiency by overseeing and optimizing day-to-day functions and processes within a company. Their annual salary is $139,000.

Compensation and Benefits Managers

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Compensation and benefits managers work in human resources. They may be responsible for tasks such as analyzing industry salary data and developing compensation strategies, researching and vetting different benefits options, managing third-party relationships, and overseeing employee benefits plans. Compensation and benefits managers make $139,000.

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