18 Relaxing Career Options for Retirement

Krystal Smith

Unlike many of these high-profile and high-pressure careers, low-stress jobs you can take after retirement allow you to take on work that fits you rather than the high-pressure, deadline-driven work you may be used to. Here are 18 job ideas that will not cause stress after retirement.


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Retired professionals could become consultants. By doing this, they can advise what they know about various businesses to make a lot of money in the short and long run. Equally important, one could Pick and choose interesting projects and negotiate with freelancers over which projects to accept and what payment to request. 

Freelance Writing

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Freelance writing and blogging have also become popular ways to keep writing in retirement. Retirees can write about experiences, thoughts, opinions, or expertise. They can accomplish this through work for hire, online platforms, magazine writing, or book publishing. They can write at their own pace.

Tour Guide

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If you are passionate about local history, consider working part-time as a tour guide for incoming tourists or even local school groups. Tour guiding is an effortless and enjoyable way to make extra cash. 


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As a librarian, you can work in a peaceful environment around books and help others find what they want. You would recommend books to people, create events to unite the community, and organize materials. 

Arts and Crafts Instructor

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Another opportunity retired people could take is to teach art or craft classes, including painting, pottery, or other crafts, at places like community centers. Teaching something fun enables them to work in an easy, stress-free, accessible, and trusting environment where they will receive credit and pride in their community.

Gardener or Landscaper

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Gardeners and landscapers can also get a lot of sunshine in their work. There is something very satisfying about growing your own fruits or vegetables. Landscaping is a way to express creativity by designing your own outdoor space. These jobs are flexible and can allow for steady income. Best of all, you can control the amount of work you take on. 

Museum Docent

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Another option is becoming a museum docent. It allows you to share your passion for art, history, or science with others visiting the museum. It is a rewarding and educational experience for you and the people you teach. 

Work At A Bookstore

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Working as a bookstore or library clerk provides a calm and enjoyable atmosphere for retirees who appreciate being around books. They need to love books and the bookish atmosphere, and they’ll stay happy by assisting customers, organizing the inventory, etc. 


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This job allows you to work at your own pace, providing freelance services or capturing special events like when my mom went to take pictures at the Harlem Renaissance Ball. The Harlem Renaissance Ball is a fundraiser for a school where students have to dress in formal wear.

Online Tutor

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Retired teachers or successful individuals in an area where you are taking courses can make a personalized learning experience for you and one-on-one interaction without drawing your attention. 

Retail Associate

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Many retirees opt to work part-time in retail, especially in a store aligned with their interests. This type of work may be appealing because it allows them to interact with customers and share product knowledge and information. There is little to no pressure, and the environment is very relaxed. 

Animal Sitter

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A pet sitter or dog walker is an excellent job for animal lovers. You get to spend time with beautiful animals and be outside. This activity would be perfect for a stress and worry-free retirement. 

Non-profit Volunteer

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When passionate retirees can work as non-profit volunteer coordinators if they are passionate about a cause, this helps them contribute to their community because they contribute to the reason they believe in. 

Work On A Cruise Ship

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If you love to travel, working as a greeter or activity staff member on a cruise ship may be the best way to combine your love of travel with an exciting career. This maritime job will allow you to broaden your horizons and learn new things in a stress-free work environment. 

Translator or Interpreter

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Retirees who know at least two languages can be freelance translators or interpreters. They can use their language skills to engage with different cultures without the full-time commitment of a career.

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