18 States Leading the Way in Veganism

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Veganism is becoming increasingly popular across the United States, but how vegan-friendly is each state? Let’s dive into the top 18 most vegan states in the country.


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Most people consider California to be the Mecca of Vegan food. Still, the Silver State takes the cake, with 942 vegans per one million residents. Nevada also has 14 vegan restaurants per one million residents, most of which are located in Las Vegas. Since 2015, Sin City has seen significant growth in vegan dining options, from just five fully vegan restaurants to over 20 today, along with numerous other eateries offering quality vegan choices.


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In California, there are 838 vegans per one million residents, most of which are located in the most populated cities: Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Moreover, California offers plenty of chances for vegans to connect through meetup groups (the state boasts 6 vegan meetup groups per 1 million citizens).


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Unsurprisingly, Oregon, renowned for its natural beauty, boasts a significant vegan population of 688 per one million residents. Portland is widely recognized as one of the best cities for vegans due to its progressive and sustainable values. Sources like WalletHub and VegOut consistently rank the city highly for its vegan-friendly environment.


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Hawaii’s great weather, outdoor fun, and love for nature explain why it’s one of the top five vegan states. There are 622 vegans and 19 vegan establishments per one million people on the Hawaiian Islands. The capital city, Honolulu, has the most vegan spots. Its 345,000 locals enjoy 18 eateries serving only vegan food, making it super vegan-friendly.

New York

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According to research, New York shows the highest interest in veganism, with 594.64 vegan-related searches per 100,000 residents within a year. It’s also home to Central Park’s new Vegan Night Market and has 9 plant-based restaurants per one million residents, primarily located in the New York City metropolitan area.

New Jersey

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New Jersey may not top the list for vegan searches, but it boasts the highest number of vegan establishments among all states. The 29 vegan eateries per one million people are scattered across various cities. Jersey City leads the pack with eight, followed by Newark with five. Additionally, there are 17 animal welfare groups and 16 vegan meetup groups per one million people in the Garden State.


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Maryland ranks among the most vegan-friendly states thanks to strong search trends and many vegan restaurants (11 per one million residents). This is impressive, considering its smaller population size. Additionally, Maryland offers ample opportunities to join animal rights support groups and vegan meetup groups ( 22 of each per one million residents).


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Arizona has a significant number of individuals interested in veganism: 742 per one million residents. However, the state ranks 24th in terms of the density of vegan establishments, with only 5 per one million residents. On the other hand, Phoenix is recognized as one of the top five vegan-friendly cities, following Portland, Orlando, and Los Angeles.


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Massachusetts has many vegan restaurants, even though they are not high on Google searches. There are 42 vegans and 10 vegan restaurants per million people, most of which are in the Greater Boston area. More vegan eateries are opening in the city, and many other restaurants offer meatless options.


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The Great Lakes State takes 10th place due to high search trends and the number of vegan restaurants. With 9 vegan eateries per million residents, the availability of vegan options continues to grow. Detroit particularly stands out, offering a variety of vegan restaurants, soft-serve shops, and establishments with abundant vegan choices.

District of Columbia

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Washington, D.C., is a great place for vegans! When you visit the U.S. capital, you’ll find a wide range of vegan dishes influenced by different cuisines, such as Mexican, Afghan, and Korean. In addition to restaurants, D.C. also hosts headquarters for several animal rights groups and the vegan health organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Rhode Island

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Despite its small size, Rhode Island has recently become a popular spot for vegans on the East Coast. The state has a surprising number of vegan restaurants, with seven of them located in the capital city of Providence. From vegan ice cream shops to a whole food hall dedicated to plant-based options, Rhode Island offers diverse choices for its residents, especially those calling the city home.


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Vermont might be mostly made up of small towns and not very densely populated, but vegan food is still available. In each major city, you can find at least one restaurant serving exclusively vegan food. Burlington, the largest city, even boasts two such eateries. While the options may seem limited, considering Burlington’s small population of 45,000, it suggests a significant portion of residents favor plant-based choices.


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Its widespread availability of vegan eateries, not just concentrated in a few cities, sets Florida apart. Miami leads with 27 restaurants, followed by Tampa with 11 and Fort Lauderdale with 5. Additionally, Florida boasts three cities ranking in the top 15 for vegetarians and vegans: Orlando, in third place; Miami, in eighth place; and Tampa, in 12th place. Further down the list, Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, and Hialeah contribute to the state’s vibrant vegan community.


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Colorado is known for being welcoming to vegans, particularly in cities like Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Denver. Denver stands out as the best spot for vegan dining, boasting several entirely vegan restaurants and cafes. While Denver may not be widely recognized as one of the top vegan-friendly cities, it offers a wide range of vegan options, including the NOOCH Vegan Market.


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Utah has seen a rise in vegan-friendly establishments, including grocery stores, bakeries, and restaurants. Salt Lake City, in particular, has emerged as a top destination for vegans, ranking among the top ten cities in the country for its vegan offerings in 2019. Since then, both fully vegan and traditional eateries in the Wasatch Front have expanded their menus to accommodate plant-based diets.


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Most of the many vegan-friendly eateries in the Prairie State are located in Chicago. In Windy City, you can find various dining options catering to different tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you’re new to veganism or a longtime enthusiast, there’s something for everyone, from Korean and soul food to vegan deep-dish pizza and tofu sandwiches.


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Despite its strong hunting and barbecue traditions, Texas is seeing a surge in plant-based options, with over 200 vegan establishments. As more Texans embrace veganism for its health benefits and tasty dishes, vegan eateries and food trucks are becoming increasingly popular across the Lone Star State, especially in cities like San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Brownsville.

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