18 Amazing Products From Other Countries That Americans Are Missing Out On

Krystal Smith

Ever wonder about the cool stuff from other countries that Americans have yet to try? From Japan’s cool toilets to Europe’s tasty treats, get ready to learn about 18 awesome products that people in the US are missing out on.

Bullet Trains

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Sixteen countries in the world have speedy trains, with China having the longest tracks at 27,000km. In Europe, Denmark, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK, and Sweden have developed high-speed rail to connect big cities. These trains are not only fast but also affordable. For example, a trip from Amsterdam to Paris takes just three hours and costs around $35.

Golden Gaytime

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Golden Gaytime is a popular frozen dessert in Australia featuring toffee and vanilla ice cream coated in honeycomb cookies and chocolate. The treat is also available in various formats, like cornettos and tubs. Golden Gaytime is available in New Zealand, too, where it is known as Cookie Crumble, but it has never been sold in the US.

Restaurants with Vending Machines

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Japan has a lot of vending machines, about one for every 30 people. You can find them everywhere, even inside restaurants. Some restaurants in Japan use vending machines for ordering and payment instead of traditional counters or servers. After buying your meal from the machine outside, you get a ticket to give to the chef or host.

Kinder Surprise Eggs

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Kids in many countries have enjoyed Kinder Surprise eggs since Ferrero introduced them in 1974. But in the US, these tasty treats are banned, and bringing them into the country is even illegal. The FDA enforces this rule under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act of 1938, which prohibits food with non-nutritive objects embedded inside, like toys in candy.

McAloo Tikki Burger

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The McAloo Tikki Burger is a hit with Indian McDonald’s customers. It’s a vegetarian burger with a potato, pea, and breadcrumb patty, topped with tomato, onions, and sweet mayo. In the US, this popular Indian burger is only available in one McDonald’s restaurant in Chicago.

Japanese Toilets

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If you go to Japan, you’ll be amazed by their Sci-Fi toilets. They have buttons for things like bidets and music to cover up noises. The toilets also have heated seats with built-in bidets that offer different cleaning options, controlled by either a remote or a side panel.

Trash Bins That Are Also Wi-Fi Hotspots

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A few years back, Singapore began testing solar-powered bins that provide a spot for people to throw away trash and access the internet for free within a 98-feet radius. These smart bins can also be found in Sweden and even in the Romanian town of Iasi, where they have eight times more capacity than regular bins.

Milka Chocolate

Image credit: monticello via DepositPhotos

Although produced by an American company (Mondelēz International, previously Kraft), this delicious chocolate isn’t popular among Americans. It’s unfortunate, given the variety of flavors the brand offers. While you might find it in some locations in the States, it’s mainly enjoyed in Europe, particularly in Germany, France, and Spain.

Free Wi-Fi is Available Across the Country

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In countries like Italy, France, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK, there’s free Wi-Fi available across most of the country. You can easily connect to Wi-Fi spots without a username or password and won’t have to pay any roaming data charges. This makes traveling much easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Green Tea Kit-Kats

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This unique matcha green tea flavor is only available in Japan. The classic crispy Kit Kat wafer is coated in smooth white chocolate mixed with rich green tea powder. It starts sweet but ends with a bitter taste that matcha fans will recognize. The good news is, Americans can buy it on Amazon.

Dairy Vending Machines

Image credit: minervastock via DepositPhotos

If you’re in Europe and craving cheese on the go, you’re in luck! Vending machines offer various dairy products like cheese, fresh milk, and yogurt in Slovakia and Slovakia. These machines are also available in Germany, Russia, and Switzerland.

Sparkling Water Fountains

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The capital of France, Paris, was the first to offer free sparkling water at public fountains. The first of these fountains was installed in the Reuilly Garden in 2010, and now there are 17 across the city, all free of charge.

Unusual Lay’s Chips Flavors

Image credit: billiondigital via DepositPhotos

The American brand Lay’s has been more successful with unusual potato chip flavors in other countries. While the company struggled to sell flavors like tikka masala and cappuccino in the States, it has created lasting favorites elsewhere. For example, crispy duck and prawn cocktails are very popular; in Japan, people love the beef flavor, and Canadians enjoy garlic and Caesar.

Highway for Bicycles

Image credit: Shutterstock

The Capitol Region of Denmark has special bike paths called cycle superhighways. They’re designed to make biking safer and more convenient for people who commute by bike every day. These paths, which include 45 routes in and around Copenhagen, have features like air pumps, traffic lights that are timed for cyclists, and safer intersections.

Doner Kebabs

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Turkish doner kebabs are sandwiches made with flatbread, roasted meat (usually lamb), tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and chili. They’re enjoyed in Turkey and many European countries, particularly in the Balkans and Germany. They’re even more popular in Germany than McDonald’s burgers or traditional German fast food, largely because of the Turkish immigrant population there. In the United States, they’re most commonly known as gyros, the Greek variation.

Cards That Extend Crosswalk Time

Editorial credit: Takashi Images / Shutterstock.com

In Singapore, special crossings allow disabled individuals and seniors to request more time to cross by simply tapping their ID cards. By swiping their Senior Card, the crossing light will remain green for an additional 13 seconds, allowing them enough time to reach the other side safely.

Stoplights on the Ground

Image credit: Shutterstock

The town of Bodegraven in the Netherlands was the first to install stoplights on the ground at a pedestrian crossing. These lights catch the attention of people constantly looking at their phones, stopping them from accidentally walking into traffic. Similar experiments have been tried in Singapore and Germany to address this safety concern.

Unique Dunkin’ Donuts Flavors

Image credit: Shutterstock

Dunkin’ is an American company that saves its most unique flavors for China. You’ll find doughnuts in Beijing with unusual toppings like pork floss, seaweed, and chili oil. Sweet breakfasts are rare in China, so Dunkin’ tries to appeal to local customers by getting creative with its offerings.

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