10 Things of the Past We Long to See Again

Krystal Smith

Certain things have vanished from our lives, yet we can’t help but yearn for their return.

Vinyl Records

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Despite the rise of digital music and streaming platforms, a significant group of music enthusiasts still miss the tactile experience and warm sound of vinyl records. Some people appreciate the large album artwork and the ritual of carefully handling and playing records.

Handwritten Notes and Cards

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In the era of instant messaging and digital greetings, the personal touch of a handwritten note or card has diminished. However, many people appreciate the time, effort, and sentimentality of receiving a handwritten message. Bringing back the tradition of writing personal notes and cards for special occasions would be cherished by those who value meaningful connections.

Polaroid Cameras

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Instant cameras that produce physical prints, like the Polaroid, were popular in the past. They offered the immediate gratification of having a tangible photo in hand moments after capturing a memory. In the age of smartphones, digital photography has largely taken over, but some people still need to catch up on the charm and uniqueness of instant cameras.

Blockbuster Video Stores

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Once ubiquitous in many neighborhoods, Blockbuster Video stores were a destination for movie rentals. Browsing through aisles of movies, reading the descriptions on the back of DVD cases, and the excitement of finding a hidden gem created a unique experience. Though streaming services dominate the market now, some people long for the nostalgic experience of physically choosing movies at a video rental store.


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Before playlists and streaming services, people used to create mixtapes by recording their favorite songs onto cassette tapes. These personalized compilations were often made for friends or loved ones as a way to share music and express feelings. The process of carefully selecting songs, arranging them in a particular order, and creating custom cover art is something that some people miss.

Phone Booths

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With the widespread use of mobile phones, phone booths have become rare. These enclosed public telephones offered conversation privacy and were a symbol of communication in public spaces. While the convenience of mobile phones is undeniable, some people feel a nostalgic yearning for the days when phone booths were prevalent.

Home-Cooked Meals and Family Dinners

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The rise of fast food and takeout culture has somewhat diminished the tradition of home-cooked meals and family dinners. However, many people desire a return to the practice of preparing meals from scratch, sharing them with loved ones around a table, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Family dinners can foster a sense of togetherness, strengthen familial bonds, and provide a break from modern life.

Board Games and Traditional Toys

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With the rise of video games and digital entertainment, traditional board games and toys have taken a backseat. However, a growing movement of people yearn for the social interaction and tangible experiences that board games and classic toys offer. These forms of entertainment encourage face-to-face interaction, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Local Community Gathering Spaces

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In the past, communities often had designated spaces where people could gather and engage with one another. These spaces could be public squares, community centers, or even neighborhood parks. The rise of virtual connections and the fast pace of modern life have somewhat diminished the importance of physical gathering places. However, many individuals long for a return to these communal spaces, where people can interact, socialize, and foster a sense of belonging.

Physical Books and Bookstores

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While e-books and digital reading devices have gained popularity, some people still need to catch the feel and smell of physical books. The experience of browsing through a bookstore, flipping through pages, and discovering hidden literary treasures is an irreplaceable pleasure for book lovers. Many individuals would love to see a resurgence of independent bookstores and a renewed appreciation for the printed word.

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