15 Things People Want Banned in the U.S.

Krystal Smith

It doesn’t take much for things to become so universally despised that people want it banned. In the United States, Americans have a laundry list of things they believe should be banned immediately. In fact, these people recently met in an online discussion to reveal everything they think should be made illegal in the country. Do you agree?

Gaps in Bathroom Stalls

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Let’s be honest with ourselves: Whoever decided restroom stalls needed all those gaps was lazy at worst and a pervert at best. Who would say no to total privacy in a bathroom stall instead of going to the bathroom while wearily watching the two-inch-long gaps everywhere?


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Fireworks are a popular source of entertainment for many people. However, due to the loud noises they produce, they can also be a source of discomfort for many individuals and pets. In addition, fireworks can pose a severe danger, as they are responsible for thousands of fire brigade callouts yearly. As a result, many countries are considering banning fireworks for personal use. This would be a welcome change for those who find fireworks disruptive or dangerous.

Dark Money Political Donations

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Unfortunately, Americans live in a time when legislation can be passed more easily if it’s attached to a sizeable donation. Many people are calling for more transparency on this issue. Some believe that politicians should be required to disclose the information of any of their donors who give more than $10,00 and require shell companies to disclose their owners, not only for election-related activity but also for campaigns to influence governmental decisions.

Child Beauty Pageants

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It’s astonishing that child beauty pageants still exist. Entering your child into a beauty pageant is the easiest way to inflict severe trauma on yourself and your kid. While adult beauty pageants have their own issues, there is an inherent creepiness factor at play when children are involved.

Plastic Packaging

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Perhaps the United States can follow Europe’s lead in banning many single-use plastics and packaging. The world did fine before we introduced plastic packaging; however, We are killing ourselves and our environment, and we really should be thinking about the future.

The 24-Hour News Cycle

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Modern-day news is nothing more than talking heads loudly pushing a quasi-political agenda on an unsuspecting audience. One person suggests we ban the current practice and return to simpler times. Some believe the 24-hour news cycle is just pundits and useless commentary with very little news. The news should only be available during the evening news hour.

Social Media

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As one of the most addictive things on Earth, it’s no surprise that plenty of level-headed Americans want to ban social media. However, getting rid of social media is easier said than done — it would require millions of people to re-wire their brains and train themselves not to need it anymore. 

Gas Station Pump Advertisements

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Loud advertisements popping up on a screen while you pump your gas is a relatively new phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean people don’t want to ban it. Drivers are already spending their hard-earned money at the gas station and feel they should get a reprieve from more ads while they pump.

Loud Commercials

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Why do TV stations make the sound super loud whenever a commercial comes on? The noise increase that aims to grab your attention needs to be illegal. The most frustrating part is that we question how effective TV advertising is when people play tricks on us like this, as most people turn the volume down or exit the room at the first sign of a commercial.

Spam Calls

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Is there any American who wouldn’t vote to ban spam and telemarketing calls? They’re a blight on society! People are sick and tired of blocking numbers to no avail. It’s a cat-and-mouse game; no matter how many numbers are blocked, telemarketers can call and ask to take a credit card, loan, or insurance policy.

Oversized Vehicles

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Nobody needs a gas-guzzling, bigger-than-a-house, $100,000 pickup truck that barely fits in a supermarket parking lot. Can we all agree these should be banned?

The 40-Hour Workweek

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Working all day, five days a week, is an antiquated system that desperately needs overhauling. Countless Americans think the U.S. should follow the lead of other countries and move to a four-day, flexible workweek. As long as productivity doesn’t suffer, it is a good idea for millions of workers. 

Bots Buying Concert Tickets

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Fans wait months, even years, for their favorite artists to tour, and excitement levels go through the roof when tour tickets go on sale. It is more frustrating than when touts and bots buy up all of the tickets within seconds of them going on sale; they go on to put the tickets up for resale at an exorbitant cost. Fans worldwide are pleading for the activity to stop.

Using Cell Phones at Concerts

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Speaking of concerts, people who spend hundreds of dollars for tickets then go on to look at the concert on their phones all evening. People who are excited to see their favorite band want to enjoy the experience through their own eyes rather than on the screens of the hundreds of cell phones that are thrust into their faces. The saddest part is that when the videos are played back, they could be better quality, so they are pointless anyway.

Not Posting Job Salaries

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When looking for jobs online, it can be overwhelming, so the last thing we need is vague salaries advertised. Putting ‘competitive salary’ or ‘salary dependent on experience’ is a bluff for offering poor pay for many expectations. Companies, we are collectively pleading with you to be upfront with candidates and let them know what you are willing to pay someone for the job that you are advertising. 

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