17 Amazing Vacations on a $1,000 Budget

Krystal Smith

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on fun. Check out these 17 unique and affordable destinations that will give you a great experience for around $1000.

Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is an affordable vacation spot due to its proximity to the U.S. and low living costs. A round-trip ticket from the northeast U.S. typically costs $370 to $400. Once there, expect hotel prices of around $70 per night and top attractions like Los Haitises National Park and Catalina Island at minimal or no cost. 


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Colombia offers budget-friendly travel with charming colonial streets and picturesque destinations like Isla Batu and Rosario Islands. Round-trip flights to Bogota can be as low as $400. Once there, daily expenses can be as little as $16 per person. Budget accommodations range from $11 for a double hotel room to up to $10 for a dorm bed.


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Nestled along the Caribbean Sea in Central America, Belize boasts stunning views, delicious cuisine, and a vibrant culture, making it an ideal vacation spot. Despite its poor reputation, travel and accommodations in Belize are remarkably affordable. Round-trip flights from the East Coast cost around $400 per ticket. Once there, you can find hotels offering rooms for less than $30 and cheap dining options.

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is an affordable destination with cheap flights from the U.S. Daily costs average about $45 per person. Traveling from San Jose to attractive spots like La Fortuna costs about $10 by local bus. Budget accommodations are also available. A double room in a hotel costs about $45, or you can decide to stay in a hostel and pay between $9 and $15 per night.


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With its charming restaurants, beaches, and relaxed vibe, Mexico City is an affordable destination that can be reached for under $300. The capital offers plenty to see, from museums to lively nightlife. Dorm beds go for $10 or less, and meals cost just a few bucks, making it easy to stay within budget. Travelers can also explore nearby attractions like the Teotihuacán pyramids by hopping on a local bus for as little as $7-8. 


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Cuba is just a short flight from the USA east and south coasts, with round-trip flights averaging $260. Since tourism has been limited, prices in this island country remain reasonable. Travelers can find hotels in Havana for under $60 per night and enjoy local meals for $3-$6, making it an affordable destination with authentic experiences.


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Haiti is often overlooked by tourists because of the immense poverty. However, this means that accommodations in this island country are abundant and inexpensive. For instance, the cheapest 3-star hotel room on KAYAK is $51. Dining is also budget-friendly, with local meals at around $5-$10 per person and mid-range options at $15-$30 per person. Flights from the east coast of the States are very affordable, as Haiti is near the Florida coast. 


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Guatemala is one of the most budget-friendly destinations worldwide. While cities like the capital may have safety concerns, attractions like the ancient Mayan city of Tikal are worth the risk. Flights from either coast average around $375, with cheaper options from Florida and Texas. Hotels can be found for about $50 per night, leaving enough spending money for a week-long trip.


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Curacao, a small Caribbean island once part of the Dutch slave trade, offers affordable flights from the U.S., averaging around $360 per ticket. Once you arrive, accommodations at beautiful resorts for under $70 per night can be found. In addition to sun-soaked beaches, Curacao boasts attractions like the Curacao Maritime Museum and Klein Lighthouse, making it a worthwhile destination for budget-conscious travelers.


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Taiwan is an exceptionally budget-friendly destination among the affordable Southeast Asian countries. Flight prices vary depending on your departure point. On average, a one-way flight costs $490, and a round trip is about $744. However, once in Taiwan, your daily expenses should be at most $40. 


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Nicaragua is a small Central American country easily reached from the east coast of the U.S., with round-trip flights averaging about $350. Once you’re there, hotel stays should be at most $70 per night. Food prices are also reasonable, from $5 to $20 per meal. 


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Guyana is a small country in the northern part of South America. In bigger cities like Georgetown, you can book a hotel for around $75, and it’s even cheaper in rural areas. Food is also budget-friendly, with delicious cuisine available at low prices. Flights to Georgetown are approximately $350, making the journey the most significant expense. Many of Guyana’s attractions are free, making it a cost-effective destination.


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Thailand has long been known as an affordable travel destination. Mid-range hotels cost just $15 per night, while budget options offer private rooms for as little as $10. Even luxury hotels, which cost around $150 or more per night, are reasonably priced. Meals in restaurants cost between 60-100 baht ($2-$3), making dining out affordable, too. Plane tickets cost about $725 for a round trip. 


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Argentina is an affordable destination in South America. A nice hotel costs $30 a night, while hostels cost around $15. Meals cost about $10, and a bus ticket from the capital, Buenos Aires, to Mendoza is about $30. The flight is the biggest expense, averaging $1,680 round-trip from Miami to Buenos Aires.


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Although direct flights to Quito can be costly, you can find indirect ones for less than $500 for a round-trip. Once in Ecuador, daily expenses average around $24 per person. Hotels cost $17 for a double room, or you can choose a dorm bed for $4-6. Meals are also cheap, ranging from $2-3 per person. However, visiting the Galápagos Islands on a budget can be challenging due to their remote location and additional tour costs.


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You can fly to Panama for as low as $400-$500 round-trip from various U.S. airports. Once there, daily expenses average around $31 per person. Hotels cost about $28 for a double room. Meals are also quite affordable at $3-4 per person. Take advantage of the Panama Canal, just a short taxi ride north of Panama City, and explore Soberania National Park without needing an expensive tour.


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Bali is one of the world’s cheapest islands, offering beauty and activities without breaking the bank. Hotels start at $20, while hostels cost up to $15 per night. Street food is the most affordable option at about $3 per person. You can quickly get around by renting a scooter at $3 to $8 a day, or you can use GoJek (similar to Uber) for just $2 to $10 per ride, depending on your destination.

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