How To Plan for Retirement in 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, many people are already looking ahead to 2020. The new year signals a time for reflection and planning. For many, the goal is to manage their money better in the coming year, and that includes planning for retirement. Certain moves can be beneficial, ensuring you are financially secure in the future. If you want to set yourself up for retirement success in 2020, here are some tips that can help. Learn the New Contribution Limits You can’t maximize your retirement Read more [...]

Should You Be Saving With Qapital

Many individuals and households struggle to save. Even if they have money they could reasonably set aside for a rainy day, they might have trouble starting a savings habit. If you fall into that category, automating your savings might be the answer. It lets you use a set-it-and-forget-it approach to socking money away. Qapital is an app that embraces that mindset. If you have a smartphone and a checking account, you could get started in minutes. But is Qapital right for you? If you are considering Read more [...]

How to Run a Sucessful AirBnb Rental Property

There are over 7 million Airbnb listings worldwide, spread across more than 191 countries and regions. Many property owners turn to the service to help them earn extra money. Listing a room, apartment, or home on the site is fairly easy, and hosts maintain a lot of control. This can make being an Airbnb host a great side hustle, but only if you approach it properly. If you want to make sure that you run a successful Airbnb rental property is a success, here’s what you need to do. Post Read more [...]

Christmas Is Around The Corner-Here’s How to Pay For It

The holiday season is approaching quickly and, for many, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. With the biggest gift-giving holiday just weeks away, many households are looking for ways to make Christmas shopping affordable. Finding a way to pay for Christmas isn’t always easy. The average American, according to a poll, will spend $633 on gifts, décor, travel, and other Christmas-related expenses. That isn’t a small number. If you need to figure out how you can pay for Christmas Read more [...]

Here Are The 401(K) Contribution Limits 2020

If you are preparing for retirement and using your 401(k) as the primary savings vehicle; you will be happy to know that you can now add more money to your account in the coming year. According to the website; in 2020, you can contribute $19,500 to your 401(k) account.  This is an increase of $500 from last year's limit. This limit also applies to federal employees utilizing the Thrift Savings Plan. Here are a few other notable changes: 1-Catch-up contributions for those over Read more [...]

Here’s Why You’re Still Broke and How to Fix it!

If it seems like you never have any money, you’re probably pretty frustrated. While sometimes being broke isn’t entirely your fault, there are plenty of situations where your choices are the primary reason for your financial difficulties. If you are trying to figure out why you are always cash-poor and what you can do about it, here’s what you need to know. You Don’t Have a Budget A budget serves as a guideline for your finances. It allows you to allocate portions of your income Read more [...]

Do Debt Collectors Have to Provide Proof of Debt?

Getting contacted by a debt collector is never a pleasant experience. However, if you are not sure that the debt is even yours (or know for a fact that it isn’t). An annoying situation can quickly turn into an infuriating one. The same can be true if the debt is real. However, you aren’t certain that the debt collector has a right to collect what you owe. You may be wondering, do debt collectors have to provide proof of debt, and, if so, how can you make that happen? If that has come to mind, Read more [...]

The Real Reasons Behind Gas Prices Increasing

Gas prices across the country have been on the rise. While some fluctuation is normal, California has seen a stunning surge, causing prices to hit a five year high on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. In the rest of the country, the upward climb has been fairly modest, with a $0.02 average increase between September 26 and October 3, and a $0.10 increase between September 3 and October 3. However, any rising price trend can put a strain on budgets. If you want to know why it’s happening, here’s Read more [...]

To Stay or Leave the Military-Are Your Finances In order?

Deciding whether or not you should separate from the military is challenging. Leaving the military and heading into the civilian world means that significant changes would be on the horizon. Many that will impact your financial well-being. If you are trying to figure out whether to stay or leave the military. Here are some finance questions you should ask yourself before you make a formal decision. How Long Will Your Emergency Fund Last? Unless you are separating from the military and transitioning Read more [...]

5 Instagram Thousandaires and How You Can Be One Too

Many people dream of becoming an Instagram influencer. The idea of being able to earn a living by posting on social media is incredibly enticing. Plus, on the surface, it appears to be incredibly simple. However, top and even middle earning Instagrammers work surprisingly hard to keep their followers engaged and the money rolling in, ensuring that they can continue to score lucrative deals on posts. Instagram Thousandaires The top earners on Instagram easily earn millions from their Read more [...]