How to Finance a Surgery With Bad Credit

Medical expenses can be hectic. Open enrollment just ended, and many of those plans were high. While some of those plans cover elective surgery, not all of them do. To get the cost of the service covered, you have to rely on good ole credit. If your credit is bad you may be wondering how to finance a surgery with bad credit or looking for surgery loans for bad credit! If this is you, do not worry there are loans and credit options available to you. Here are some of the best: CareCredit The Read more [...]

How to Get Help From a Fraud Job Offer

We are in a challenging period in the world. Many people are facing economic hardships due to layoffs and a reduction in work hours. To combat the problem, many are leaning on unemployment and other social services. While there may be some job opportunities, they are becoming harder to find and keep. In an effort to feed your family, you have to keep up the hunt but beware of people preying on you with fraud job offers. Check out how to get help from fraud job offers, so you won't become a target. Read more [...]

Can You Refuse to Show Your Id for Credit Card Purchases?

Many of us are shopping these days for essential items and leisure items to keep us entertained while we are still amid a shutdown. When you go out to the store, you will probably be tempted to use your credit card. At checkout, they may ask for your Id. In some cases, you may wonder do you need an Id for a credit card purchase? I'm here to answer that question. Do You Need an Id? The simple answer is no. You are not legally required to show your Read more [...]

How to Tithe When in Debt

Church is a powerful institution. We go there to worship, pray, and spiritual healing. It brings together family and community under one roof. Church is a place where the music and the sermon uplift the masses. We give our thanks not only by showing up but without tithes and offerings. Sometimes our financial position has us wondering how to tithe when in debt. Follow along for the answer. Budget When discussing anything debt or financial relates, many people will tell you to start with a Read more [...]

The Plutus Awards Raises an Existential Question

Last year, I was a finalist for the 5th Annual Plutus Awards. You all nominated me for the “Best New Personal Finance Blog” and “Best Frugal Blog” categories. What an honor! When I saw my competition, I was truly honored that I made it among the finalists. The well-designed blog Listen, Money Matters! won for Best New Personal Finance Blog. The fabulous Club Thrifty blog won for Best Frugality-Focused Blog. The nominations for the 6th Annual Plutus Awards are now open, and I am torn on Read more […]

What I’m Digging September 23: Beware of Scams and Temptation

I collected links to some articles that I really enjoyed reading last week. After looking at them collectively, I realized that this all probably makes me look so paranoid -- they're about not trusting businesses that are too good to be true, convincing your parents not to trust them either, protecting yourself from ... yourself, etc. You probably will think I'm paranoid as you review this list, but what can I say in my defense? I'm a consumer lawyer; I talk to people on some of their worst days, Read more [...]