The Best Holiday Destinations on a Budget: 16 Hidden Gems

Krystal Smith


It would be great to travel without spending too much. Check out our guide for 16 affordable spring destinations to create memorable experiences.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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In early spring, New Orleans offers a break from the crowded and expensive Mardi Gras season and the busy Jazz and Heritage Festival. The pleasant weather, reduced crowds, and reasonable prices make spring a great time to visit even if you’re traveling with your family. Explore the historic French Quarter and enjoy live jazz performances for a memorable night out.

Tulum, Mexico

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Unlike more popular Spring Break spots like Cancún, Tulum offers a mix of relaxation and fun. Its uncrowded beaches are perfect for a peaceful getaway. During your trip, you can also explore nearby ancient ruins for a dose of culture.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Looking for spring break activities for your school-aged kids? In Halifax, you’ll find many activities to keep kids entertained and create fun memories along the way. Explore Nova Scotia’s coastal beauty with hikes, lighthouses, and scenic drives. You can also indulge in fresh seafood in one of the many coastal villages, and then explore Halifax’s vibrant waterfront scene. Don’t miss Citadel Hill’s historic fortress.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

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While Caribbean destinations are popular throughout the whole year, spring brings lower prices, especially in Jamaica, which is already budget-friendly. Unlike busy spots like Cancun and Florida, the islands offer quieter escapes. Whether you’re a family, couple, or party enthusiast, Jamaica has something for everyone: beautiful beaches, outdoor adventures like zip-lining and snorkeling, and plenty of dining options. 

San Diego, California

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Spring is the ideal time to experience perfect spring weather and family-friendly attractions in San Diego before the busy summer season begins. While swimming might not be the best idea, there’s plenty to do, like exploring natural areas, visiting the zoo, Legoland, and SeaWorld, and enjoying ocean activities. Consider also diving into naval history at museums like the USS Midway Museum and visiting Balboa Park for its lush gardens, theaters, and museums.

Canggu, Bali

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If you want a spring break in Asia, consider visiting Canggu. This village on the south coast of Bali offers lush green landscapes and a variety of cheap accommodations, from luxurious villas to budget-friendly hostel rooms. Food and drinks are also affordable; you can choose between party beaches or quiet spots to relax. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, pool lounging, exploring local temples, or dining out.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana is the perfect destination for a calm city getaway. This cozy Slovenian capital offers history, riverside cafes, and a hilltop castle in a compact, green setting. Accommodations are affordable, and attractions are less crowded than in summer. Plus, Slovenia’s size makes it easy to explore other beautiful spots in the country, like Lake Bled and Postojna Cave.


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Guatemala is a real hidden gem for spring break travelers on a budget. You can visit the National Palace of Culture and the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in the capital, Guatemala City. History enthusiasts will also love exploring the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal and Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that charms with its colorful colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. Make sure to visit Lake Atitlán, nestled in a volcanic crater amid coffee fields and villages, for a relaxing afternoon. 

New York City

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Spring in New York City is a wonderful time to explore without the summer crowds and high prices. You can enjoy iconic sights like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Central Park. The weather is pleasantly warm so you can even discover hidden gems. Whether you’re a theater lover, foodie, or traveling with your family, NYC has something for everyone.

Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin embodies the essence of Irish culture, boasting lively pubs, friendly locals, and a vibrant nightlife scene. As a UNESCO City of Literature, it’s a paradise for book lovers, with attractions like the Dublin Writers Museum and the Book of Kells. In spring, explore the city’s parks and picturesque countryside, from Phoenix Park to the charming Iveagh Gardens, and enjoy the bustling Temple Bar area for a taste of local life.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Despite facing natural disasters in recent years, Puerto Rico is bouncing back with a thriving tourism scene and favorable deals. Airfares from New York to Puerto Rico dip below $400 in March and April, and you can also save on accommodation and food. Plus, you don’t need a passport to visit as it is a U.S. territory. Once you arrive, explore Old San Juan for its rich history and relax at beach resorts along the coast. 


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Guadeloupe is a French territory in the northeastern Caribbean Sea that is gaining popularity as a vacation spot. Its blend of French and Creole cuisine is delicious, and you can discover stunning landscapes like rainforests, a volcano, and beautiful beaches with various colored sands. While it’s not the cheapest spring break destination, plenty of accommodations are available for rent.

Oslo, Norway

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Consider flying to Oslo in March or April for a budget-friendly spring break. Flights from New York typically cost between $400 and $600, while some from Los Angeles are around $500. Even though it might still feel like winter in Norway, visiting during spring break means fewer crowds and better prices. Explore Oslo’s natural beauty, including fjords, as well as its historical sites and museums, making it a safe and exciting destination for solo travelers.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

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Florida can be quite crowded in early spring but Anna Maria Island offers a peaceful escape suitable for families. This island near Tampa is spacious with no tall buildings or noisy clubs. You can walk, bike, or take a free trolley to enjoy its beaches and scenic spots. Check flights to both Tampa and Sarasota airports for deals; you might find fares under $200 from NYC in March.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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March marks the start of the spring shoulder season, a perfect time to visit the Dominican Republic. Hotel rates are low, and you don’t have to worry about hurricanes like in the summer. Punta Cana is a top choice for budget travelers with fantastic all-inclusive resorts. Flights from New York can be under $500, so you can enjoy beautiful beaches and clear waters without breaking the bank. 

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a great place to go for Spring Break. It’s super safe, affordable, and has a lot of cool things to do. For instance, you can try exciting things like zip lining in the rainforest. Those who want a more relaxed vacation can enjoy the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica with their clear waters and golden sand.

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